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Strong bottle pourers are an indispensable tool that no bar should be without. The
practical brandy pourers are available in various designs for almost all
bottle formats and enable a uniform dispensing of spirits in
the desired quantity.

How does a bottle spout work

strong>bottle spout is a small attachment that is placed on the opened br />bottle. Through the opening of the portioning device, the beverage can flow out of the bottle at an adapted speed. The flow rate of common bottle pourers is often one valve liter per br />second. However, it is also influenced by the respective liquid and can therefore vary.
Apart from the outlet tube, a bottle spout usually also has an air hole.
This prevents a negative pressure from developing during dispensing. This helps to remove the correct
quantity as well as to avoid an undesired drop by closing it with a finger after the
filling of a glass for example.
During the pouring process the bottle spout should be held with a finger
so that it cannot accidentally slip out of the bottle.

portioners are particularly practical

In addition to conventional bottle spouts, there are also so-called portioners. These
function according to a similar principle. However, they are additionally equipped with a small
ball. The ball ensures that only a certain amount of can flow out of each pouring and then closes the opening until the bottle is put back upright.

bottle pourers in various designs

Bottle spouts are available for all types of bottles in numerous different shapes and
materials. The stopper which closes the bottle is either made of
plastic, silicone or cork.
Bottle pourers with a cork stopper naturally look particularly attractive.
However, over time they take on the aromas of the drink and therefore need to be replaced

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