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Best Preis

Conditions for Beer Tap Cooler Best Price Guarantee:

  • If you can show us that our competitor offers the same product, with the same payment method cheaper than we do, please do not hesitate to write to us!
    We will offer You the same price. 
  • Please call us at +49 (0)5151 - 87798 - 10.
  • Competitors are those online shops that operate their business online, in the United Kingdom, according to UK law.
  • Our products must be delivered with: Ready for dispatch within 24h!
  • The reported products of the competitor must be the same as products (same manufacturer, model, series, design).
  • The products marked as B-goods or used products by competitors are excluded from the low price guarantee.
  • Price comparison sites, auction sites and market places such as eBay and Amazon are excluded from the best price guarantee (also fixed price offers).
  • Vouchers, cashback vouchers and points that reduce the price of the competitor cannot be considered.

We try to offer you the best possible service and also prices, we are looking forward to your order!

Best PreisBeer-tap-cooler Team