Corkscrew and wine bottle opener: high-quality accessories for serving wine and sparkling wine

For many people, a good glass of wine or a sparkling wine is an essential part of a cosy get-together with friends. To open the bottle, a suitable corkscrew or wine bottle opener is of course required.

In our online shop you will find a selection of high-quality corkscrews and wine bottle openers as well as other accessories for serving wine and sparkling wine. See for yourself. We are sure that you will find what you are looking for.

Corkscrews and wine bottle openers - the most important things at a glance

  • To avoid contaminating the wine, the cork should not be damaged when opening the wine bottle.
  • Simple corkscrews do not usually prove to be the ideal solution in terms of handling.
  • A corkscrew with wings or a table attachment makes it much easier to open wine bottles correctly.
  • Waiter's knives are particularly practical and should therefore not be missing in any restaurant.
  • In our shop you will find a large selection of wine bottle openers and corkscrews in different designs.

Opening wine bottles correctly

At first glance, opening a wine bottle does not seem to be a particularly complicated matter. In practice, however, it often looks different. For perfect drinking pleasure, it is not enough to simply remove the cork. Apart from that, the cork must remain undamaged so that the taste of the wine does not suffer from contamination with small pieces of cork.

The proper opening of a wine bottle therefore requires a little practice. Of course, you also need the right tool in the form of a high-quality wine opener.

Wine bottle openers and corkscrews in different designs

When buying wine bottle openers and corkscrews, you have the choice between different designs. These include, for example, very simple corkscrews, models with wings or a practical table attachment as well as special waiter's knives.

It is not possible to make a general statement about which version is the right one. The decisive factors are, of course, your personal preferences and how often you need to open a bottle of wine.

Simple corkscrews

Simple corkscrews only consist of a metal spiral and a handle for holding and turning. The metal spiral is drilled as centrally as possible into the cork of the bottle and turned in. Then the cork is pulled out by hand.

This does indeed work. However, such a corkscrew is certainly not the best solution for opening wine bottles. The difficulty is that the spiral of the bottle opener is not always placed in the middle of the cork. As a result, experience shows that it is not uncommon for the cork to be damaged when the bottle is opened. If small parts of it get into the contents, this can massively impair the taste of the drink and very easily completely ruin a good wine.

In addition, pulling out the cork with a simple corkscrew requires quite a lot of force, which can quickly prove impractical in everyday life. If you rarely need to open a wine bottle, a simple corkscrew is certainly sufficient. However, if you need it regularly, it is definitely worth investing a little more money and buying a higher quality model.

Corkscrew with wings

Compared to a simple model, a corkscrew with wings is a significant upgrade that brings several advantages. The wine opener is placed on the bottle. Since it has a device that slips over the neck of the bottle, the spiral of the corkscrew can be reliably twisted into the centre of the cork. This makes it much less likely that the cork will break when opening the bottle and parts of it will end up in the contents, which is known to significantly impair drinking enjoyment.

If you need a wine bottle opener more than once or twice a year, you should therefore always give preference to a corkscrew with wings over a very simple model.

Corkscrew with table attachment

In the catering trade, things usually have to be done quickly. In addition, as a professional, you normally have to open champagne and wine bottles much more frequently than is the case with private individuals. For this reason, a corkscrew with a table attachment for the professional sector can prove to be an extremely practical purchase.

Such a wine bottle uncorker is equipped with a special holder in the form of a robust screw clamp. With this, it can be attached to the edge of a table or even a counter. You do not have to hold the corkscrew by hand when opening the bottle. This makes handling particularly easy and uncomplicated, so that you do not lose unnecessary time even with a large number of guests and the serving always succeeds without delays.

If you choose a high-quality wine bottle opener with table attachment, such as the one you will find in our shop, you can of course be sure that the quality is convincing and that nothing will stand in the way of a long service life.

Waiter's knives are part of the basic equipment

The waiter's knife is certainly one of those products that no professional bartender can do without. Sometimes referred to as sommelier knives, waiter's knives are an extremely practical tool that at first glance resembles a classic pocket knife.

Waiter's knives are usually equipped with a knife blade, a corkscrew and a crown cap opener. The individual parts can be folded away so that the waiter's knife can quickly disappear in your pocket if you don't have a free hand.

As with other products for opening wine bottles, you can of course also choose between different models when buying a waiter's knife. In our shop, for example, you will find waiter's knives with a metal handle or with a wooden handle. It should therefore not be difficult for you to find a model that you like and that feels good in your hand when you use it.

What's important when buying corkscrews and wine bottle openers

If you want to buy a new corkscrew or wine bottle opener, you will quickly realise that the selection of different models is very large. Accordingly, it is often not easy to find a product that meets your requirements and is also convincing in terms of quality.

When buying your new wine opener, you should of course make sure that it is well-made and made of high-quality materials. For example, you can choose a very simple corkscrew or a so-called waiter's knife.

Another option is a corkscrew with wings. Such a model has the advantage that the tip can be placed very precisely in the middle of the cork. This makes it particularly easy to pull out and the likelihood of the cork crumbling and contaminating the wine when it is opened is significantly reduced.

However, you may prefer a wine opener that can be attached to the edge of the table or counter. Especially in the professional sector, such models are very popular, as they can make opening easier. Especially when dozens of wine bottles have to be uncorked throughout the evening, this can prove to be a great advantage.

Corkscrews, wine bottle openers and other accessories

We want to support our customers in the best possible way when serving drinks such as wine or sparkling wine. For this reason, you will find a large selection of accessories in our shop that you can use for this purpose.

Our range includes the following products, among others:

  • Simple bottle openers and corkscrews
  • Wine opener with table attachment
  • Corkscrews with wings
  • Practical waiter's knives
  • Corklift corkscrew
  • Sparkling wine and champagne cooler

It's best to take a look around at your leisure. We are sure that you will find the right tools for opening and pouring wine and sparkling wine. Of course, it does not matter whether you are looking for suitable solutions for private use or for professional serving in the catering trade.

Practical accessories for opened wine and sparkling wine bottles

A bottle of wine or sparkling wine is not always completely emptied immediately after opening. So that the remaining contents do not have to be poured away, it is important to keep them fresh in a suitable way.

In addition to wine openers, you will also find suitable solutions for this purpose. These include, for example, simple wine stoppers or bottle stoppers with which you can reseal bottles that have already been opened, so that the contents remain drinkable for longer.

Apart from that, there is of course also the practical Champagne Protector. This is the perfect choice for keeping sparkling wines such as sparkling wine, prosecco and champagne fresh. The Champagne Protector reliably ensures that the carbon dioxide remains in the bottle and that your sparkling wine retains its effervescence for longer.

In this way, you can enjoy it to the full from the first to the last sip and do not have to fret about a stale taste if you do not want to finish your sparkling wine right away. Of course, a Champagne Protector is also very suitable for the professional sector in order to be able to offer guests perfect quality at all times when serving.

Buy high-quality corkscrews and wine bottle openers at low prices

If you need a corkscrew, a wine bottle opener or other accessories for serving wine and sparkling wine, you have come to the right place. In our assortment, you will find a large selection of high-quality products that you can conveniently order online and have delivered.

Buy your new corkscrew or wine bottle opener cheaply from our shop and see for yourself. We have no doubt that you will be delighted with the selection and quality as well as our reliable customer service.