Beer line cleaning


Beer Line Cleaning

Keep your beer dispenser clean and your drinks tasting fresh with our range of cleaning supplies.

Beer Dispenser Hygiene is Crucial

A clean beer dispenser is essential for maintaining proper hygiene and delivering great-tasting beer. Our range of cleaning products are perfect for keeping your beer lines clean, so you can serve the perfect pint every time.

Complete Beer Line Cleaning Kit

Our cleaning kit contains everything you need to keep your beer dispenser clean, including a cleaning pump, cleaning solution and cleaning brushes. It's easy to use and will help you maintain the hygiene standards that your customers expect.

Effective Cleaning Products

Our cleaning products are specially designed to ensure that your beer dispenser remains clean and hygienic. We offer a range of cleaning solutions that are safe to use and help to remove any impurities or build-up from your beer lines. At, we understand the importance of maintaining clean beer lines. That's why we offer a wide range of beer line cleaning products, including cleaning kits and solutions. Our products are designed to help you maintain hygiene standards, so your customers can enjoy great-tasting beer every time. So, whether you're a pub owner, restaurant or bar manager, make sure to invest in our range of cleaning products to keep your beer dispenser in top condition.

How do you clean a beer dispenser?

Whether in the beer garden or at a private party - there is probably nothing like the tangy taste of a freshly tapped beer. However, to ensure that your beer is not spoiled, it is essential to clean the tap system regularly.

Otherwise the taste experience suffers and the beer may even be contaminated with pathogens. In the following, we will explain how to properly clean your dispensing system.

When it is necessary to clean the dispenser

For a long time the rule was that beer dispensers had to be cleaned at least every two weeks. However, that changed with the discontinuation of the dispensing system ordinance in 2005. Since then, the responsibility for the safe operation of the dispenser lies solely with the operator.

This is particularly important in the gastronomic sector, where hygiene is of course particularly important. However, of course, privately used dispensing systems must also be cleaned regularly. Thanks to their well thought-out construction, however, this works with most models without any major problems.

Ideally, the beer hoses, the drip tray and the tap should be cleaned after each use of the dispensing system. If the beer keg is to remain connected, it is sufficient, if necessary, to first clean only the drip tray and the spout with hot water.

Cleaning a new dispenser before it is used for the first time

In a new dispenser there may still be various residues from production such as chips, oil or plasticizers in plastic pipes. In order to remove this completely, a chemical-mechanical thorough cleaning of the beer dispenser should be carried out before the first start-up.

For this purpose, you need a special cleaning keg, suitable cleaning agent and various aids, such as a cleaning sponge. We recommend that you order a suitable cleaning set and all other necessary utensils for basic cleaning when you buy your dispenser.

The cleaning before the first start-up takes place in two steps. First, the tap system with the cleaning set is connected to the water pipe and the water tap is turned on. The clearest tap water presses the coarsest residues out of the system.

The next step is to chemically clean the dispenser with the help of the cleaning agent. For this purpose, the cleaning agent is poured into the container provided and the previously cut cleaning sponges are added.

Now the cleaning solution and the sponges can be drawn off and the last remaining impurities can be removed on the way through the pipes. Finally, the dispenser must be rinsed thoroughly with clear water so that no residues of the cleaning agent remain.

In the case of beer dispensing systems for private use, it is usually sufficient to throw away the first beer when starting up. Should the model require extensive basic cleaning, this is usually noted in the operating instructions for the dispenser.

Cleaning a dispensing system after a long standstill

If a dispenser is not used for a longer period of time, impurities can build up in it. Before starting up again, it is therefore important to clean the beer dispenser and remove these deposits.

In the professional sector, the chemical-mechanical cleaning process described is used for this purpose. In the case of smaller beer dispensing systems for private use, however, it is sufficient to clean the tap and the beer hoses with hot water.

Clean and disinfect beer dispensers

There are various methods that can be used to clean a beer dispenser. The system can simply be cleaned with water, mechanically cleaned or also subjected to chemical cleaning.

Easy to clean with tap water

After the last beer has been drawn, the system should be cleaned with hot water. To do this, remove the beer lines as well as the tap and the drip tray. Rinse the individual parts thoroughly with hot water. Make sure that the beer foam is completely removed from the hoses.

If the components of your dispenser are suitable for the dishwasher, you can have them cleaned again afterwards.

Please note that cleaning with hot water can only remove normal residues and soiling. However, pure water is not enough to eliminate any microorganisms that may be present.

The mechanical cleaning of a beer dispenser

Over time, unhygienic deposits can build up in the lines of the dispenser. This is very often the case, especially in the private sector, since the beer dispensing systems are usually only used irregularly there.

In order to remove stubborn contamination, the system should not only be rinsed with hot water after use, but also subjected to mechanical cleaning.

This cleaning process uses small cleaning sponges that are pressed through the pipes together with clear water. In most cases, a special cleaning barrel must be connected to the system for this purpose.

However, there are also dispensing systems in which mechanical cleaning is possible directly via the fresh water connection. In this case, the cleaning sponges go directly into the line.

Regardless of the exact method, the mechanical friction of the sponges ensures that even stubborn dirt can be reliably removed. Before you subject your dispenser to mechanical cleaning, however, you should make sure that your model is suitable for it.

The chemical cleaning of a dispenser

With chemical cleaning, not only deposits but also bacteria can be removed from the dispenser. It is especially useful if the dispenser has not been used for a longer period of time.

The chemical cleaning of a dispensing system can be roughly compared to that of a coffee machine. It uses a special cleaning agent that is put into the cleaning keg in a predetermined dose.

This is now connected to the dispensing system and the liquid is pumped through the pipes. It is usually necessary to let the cleaning agent take effect. The system is then thoroughly rinsed with clear water. In order to ensure that there are no residues of the cleaner in the lines, it makes sense to check the pH value.

The chemical-mechanical cleaning of a dispenser

Chemical-mechanical cleaning combines cleaning agents and sponges. They are put together in the cleaning keg and then pumped through the system. The process can be repeated if necessary. As with chemical cleaning, it is also very important here to rinse the dispenser thoroughly with clear water afterwards.

Which cleaning method is the right one?

Which method is the right one for cleaning your beer dispenser depends above all on the exact model.

Many smaller dispensing systems for private use have a special cleaning program with which coarse soiling can be easily removed, so that rinsing with hot water after tapping is usually sufficient.

You can find out in the operating instructions or directly from the manufacturer whether you need to and can carry out mechanical or chemical cleaning of your dispensing system

Frequently Asked Questions about Beer Line Cleaning

Why is beer line cleaning important?

Beer line cleaning is important to maintain a clean and hygienic beverage dispensing system. Over time, beer lines accumulate yeast, minerals, and bacteria that lead to the growth of biofilms and the formation of off-flavors, sourness, and contamination. If left unchecked, dirty beer lines can cause health risks, equipment damage, and decreased customer satisfaction.

How often should I clean my beer lines?

It is recommended to clean your beer lines every two weeks to ensure optimal performance, safety, and quality of beverages. However, the frequency of cleaning may vary depending on the volume of beer dispensed, the type of beer, and the temperature and humidity of the environment.

What are the benefits of using a beer line cleaning kit?

Using a beer line cleaning kit ensures that you have the necessary tools and chemicals to clean your lines effectively and efficiently. It saves you time and money compared to buying individual components separately. Additionally, it helps prolong the lifespan of your dispensing system and saves your energy bills.

What types of beer line cleaning kits are available?

  • Disposable line cleaning kits: These kits are perfect for occasional cleaning and feature all-in-one packages with cleaning solution, brushes, and fittings. They're easy to use and dispose of and save you time and money.
  • Manual cleaning kits: For those who prefer hands-on cleaning, we offer manual kits that require a bit more effort but give better results. These kits come with high-quality brushes, connectors, and cleaners that help you reach every nook and cranny of your system.
  • Automatic cleaning kits: If you don't want to worry about cleaning schedules, our automatic cleaning kits are a perfect fit. They consist of fully programmable control boxes that initiate the cleaning process automatically at designated intervals without any manual intervention. They're suitable for high-traffic venues that require frequent cleaning but don't have the time or labor for it.

How do I choose the right beer line cleaning kit for my setup?

The right beer line cleaning kit depends on the type of dispensing system you have, the volume of beer dispensed, and your budget. Disposable line cleaning kits are suitable for occasional cleaning and low-volume setups, while manual and automatic cleaning kits are ideal for high-volume setups and frequent cleaning. Consult with our experienced technicians and customer service representatives to find the best kit for your needs.

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