Cleaning adapter 30 mm for piston and compensator tap

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Cleaning adapter  30 mm for piston and compensator tap



- suitable for all dispensing taps listed below with a tap thread of 30mm


- simply loosen the front part of the tap with our tap wrench and then

Put on the cleaning adapter!

Fits the following cocks from us:

Article ID: 5091, 5093, 5023, 5024

For cocks with the following SK numbers:

The SK number is on your tap!
tap thread: 30mm

SK 020.054 Piston valve
SK 020.055 Compensator tap
SK 083.011
SK 083.035 (BT 50) Compensator tap
SK 196.002 Piston/compensator valve before 1999
SK 240.001 Piston/compensator valve
SK 255.001 Compensator tap
SK 267.005 Piston/compensator valve
SK 287.001 Piston/compensator valve
SK 306.001 Piston/compensator valve
SK 339.001 Piston/compensator valve


For the cleaning of beer taps we recommend our beer line cleaning device and the appropriate cleaning sponges, as well as Bevi - Tabs! (see below)

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