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Beer Dispenser Hose

Our beer dispenser hoses are the perfect addition to any keg dispensing setup, providing a durable and flexible conduit for beer delivery. Made from high-quality materials and designed to accommodate a range of different keg configurations, our hoses are the ideal choice for pubs, restaurants, and home bars alike.

CO2 Bottle Hose

Looking for dependable CO2 delivery hoses for your beer dispenser? At www.beer-tap-cooler.co.uk , we have you covered. Our selection of CO2 bottle hoses is designed to provide reliable and consistent performance, making it easier than ever to keep your beer dispenser running smoothly and efficiently. So why wait? Whether you're a professional bartender or a dedicated home brewer, www.beer-tap-cooler.co.uk is the ultimate destination for all your beer hose and accessory needs. So shop today and discover the difference for yourself!

Hoses connect the beer keg with the dispensing system. Thanks to modern stainless steel keg kegs, the beer arrives at the tap almost germ-free. With the right pressure the beer gets from the keg into the glass without any problems. However, you should clean the hoses thoroughly on a regular basis to avoid health risks. We have various beer hoses, hoses for CO2 and suitable tools in our range.

Beer tubing

Beer tubing are available in various lengths as yard ware and are food safe, i.e. very suitable for contact with food. We also have different diameters in stock, so that the right tube are available for every dispensers. Some beer tubing are softer than others. Depending on your needs, you will find the right beer tubing for your dispenser. 

Beer tubing must always be well and thoroughly clean and free of beer sludge, beer stone and beverage residues. You will find various cleaning equipment for this purpose in our range of products. Contamination can cause damage to health and the beer loses its taste.

CO2 bottles 

In addition to the beer tubing, CO2 bottles are also needed, which must be particularly safe, as the tube are designed for a certain pressure. For example, we offer 1.5-meter-long beer tubing with an internal diameter of 7 mm. The tubing is made of high-quality, heavy-duty SK lines and has two straight grommets, nuts and seals. Other lengths are available on request. High-pressure beer tubing with SK mark are also suitable for decanting carbon dioxide.

Accessories and tools

Seals can be fitted to beer and CO2 bottles, for example. You also need fuses and connectors, as well as nuts in various designs. Depending on your requirements, you will therefore find all kinds of spare parts. Furthermore, you will always need so-called grommets through which the hose is passed. They are designed for different lengths and diameters and can be straight or bent. For the nozzles you can order a nozzle set with nuts, clamps and seals.

In addition, tools and accessories are included in the range. Hose clamps with insulated handle or sturdy hose cutters are practical helpers for the installation of the dispensing system and possible repairs.

No beer dispensers without beer line tubing

You need various accessories for the operation of your beer dispenser. These include a suitable beer line, with which the beer is transported from the barrel to the tap. You cannot tap beer without such a beer line of the right thickness and length.A large selection of high-quality beer lines and suitable accessories such adapters can be found in our shop.

The beer line influences the tapping pressure

For good tapping results, the correct operating pressure of the dispensers is decisive. In addition to the temperature and CO2 , the beer line also plays a major role with regard to the required tapping pressure. Both the diameter and the length are important. The longer the beer line, the higher is the pressure required to transport the beer from the barrel to the beer tap. At the same time, as the thickness of the line decreases, the pressure loss increases, which must be compensated for by means of CO2 or another technology. A beer line tubing with a diameter of seven millimetres and a length of five metres therefore usually requires a higher tapping pressure than a beer line tubing with a diameter of 10 millimetres and a length of three metres. For a beer line with a diameter of seven millimeters, you can expect a friction loss of 0.1 bar for two meters line length. On the other hand, a beer hose with a diameter of 10 millimeters will have a pressure loss of 0.1 bar per six meters of line length.

Select the correct beer line tubing

Beer lines are available in different diameters. Which beer hose is the right choice in your case depends on various factors.
Depending on how long the distance and the height difference from the barrel to the tap is and what other utensils are used in your tap, another beer line tubing may be suitable.

The beer line must be cleaned regularly

Beer is a foodstuff and as such requires comprehensive hygiene. This includes of course also the beer line tubing . Regular cleaning is essential and helps to prevent the formation of deposits and germs in the dispensers.

These not only affect the taste of the beer, but can also cause diseases. Therefore, clean your dispensers including the beer line tubing on a regular basis and, if necessary, carry out a comprehensive basic cleaning. Only in this way can you ensure that your dispensing system is always sufficiently clean and that the beer dispensed is of perfect quality. This is especially important in the gastronomic sector, but of course also applies if you use a beer dispenser for private purposes in your home. In case you do not know how to clean your beer dispenser including the beer line tubing, you will find a comprehensive manual with helpful tips on the website of the German Brewers' Association.

Buy high quality beer line tubing

When buying beer lines, make sure that the beer line tubing fits to your beer dispenser. Also give preference to high-quality products such as those you find in our shop. After all, the beer line comes into direct contact with the beer. It is therefore essential that the material is food-safe so that it cannot release any harmful substances into the drink.

Connect the beer line correctly

For the tapping to work without problems, it is not only important to buy the right beer line. In addition, it must of course also be connected professionally. Finally, the dispensing system must be completely tight. Otherwise there will be problems with the pressure, beer can leak and the inside of the beer hose and the tapping plant will be contaminated with germs. Therefore, make sure to use a suitable beer line and to fasten it with suitable seals, clamps and clamps. In this way, you will avoid problems with the beer tap and ensure that your tapping system is in perfect working order.

Our range of beer lines and accessories

No matter whether as yard ware or complete set ready for assembly - you will find the suitable beer line under guarantee. Because in our assortment we carry beer hoses and CO2 hoses in all common diameters, so that we can offer a solution for every need. In addition, our offer includes everything you need for the professional connection of your beer line, from grommets and sealing rings to clamps. This includes, among other things, high-quality insulating beer hoses that you can use to insulate your beer lines.Buy your beer lines and the matching accessories from our shop and trust us for your the operation of your dispensers on proven quality from renowned manufacturers. We deliver your order quickly and reliably to your desired address, so that there are no unnecessary waiting times after the purchase.

How to Select the Desired Keg Hose

When it comes to dispensing beer, having the right keg hose is crucial. A keg hose is responsible for transporting the beer from the keg to the tap, and it needs to be durable, flexible, and easy to clean. Here are some tips on how to select the right keg hose for your needs:

1. Determine the Size

  • Measure the distance between your keg and your tap to determine the length of hose you need.
  • Check the diameter of your keg coupler and your tap to ensure that the hose will fit securely.

2. Consider the Material

  • Choose a hose made from food-grade materials, such as PVC or silicone, to ensure that your beer stays safe and free from contamination.
  • Consider the temperature of your beer and choose a hose that can handle the appropriate temperature range.

3. Look for Durability

  • Check the hose's pressure rating to ensure that it can handle the pressure of your beer system.

4. Consider Flexibility

  • Choose a hose that is flexible enough to bend around corners and obstacles without kinking or collapsing.
  • Consider the weight of the hose and choose a lighter option if you need to move your keg frequently.

5. Check for Compatibility

  • Make sure that your keg hose is compatible with your specific beer system and components.
  • Check for compatibility with cleaning solutions and equipment to ensure that your hose can be easily cleaned and sanitized.

By following these tips, you can select the right keg hose for your needs and ensure that your beer is dispensed smoothly and safely.

Frequently Asked Questions About Keg Hoses

  • What is a keg hose?
    A keg hose is a type of hose that is specifically designed for beer dispensing. It has a larger diameter than other hoses, which allows for a smoother flow of beer and a perfect pour every time.
  • What material are keg hoses made from?
    Our keg hoses are made from high-quality material that is resistant to wear and tear. They are designed to prevent flavor transfer, ensuring that every drink you serve tastes fresh and delicious.
  • What length do keg hoses come in?
    Our keg hoses come in a variety of lengths to fit your dispensing needs. Whether you need a short hose for a home bar or a longer hose for a commercial establishment, we have you covered.
  • How do I install a keg hose?
    Our keg hoses are easy to install and maintain. Simply connect one end of the hose to your keg and the other end to your tap system. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for your specific tap system.
  • How do I clean a keg hose?
    Cleaning your keg hose is essential for maintaining the quality of your beer. We recommend using a cleaning solution specifically designed for beer lines. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for your specific cleaning solution and be sure to clean your lines regularly.
  • Can I use a keg hose for other beverages?
    While keg hoses are specifically designed for beer dispensing, they can also be used for other beverages such as soda or water. However, be sure to clean your lines thoroughly between uses to prevent flavor transfer.
  • What is the difference between a keg hose and a CO2 hose?
    A keg hose is designed specifically for beer dispensing, while a CO2 hose is used to connect your CO2 system to your keg. Both hoses are essential for a properly functioning beer dispensing system.
  • Do you offer custom lengths for keg hoses?
    Yes, we offer custom lengths for keg hoses. Contact us for more information on how to order a custom length hose.

Why Quality Hose Matters

When it comes to beverage dispensing, the quality of your hose matters. A poorly-made or old hose can negatively impact the taste, appearance, and quality of your drinks. That's why we only carry top-of-the-line hoses that are designed to maintain optimal flow and prevent flavor contamination.
  • Our hoses are made from high-quality material that is resistant to wear and tear.
  • They are designed to prevent flavor transfer, ensuring that every drink you serve tastes fresh and delicious.
  • Our hoses are easy to install and maintain, making them the perfect choice for home and professional use.

Our Selection of Hoses

At www.beer-tap-cooler.co.uk, we offer a range of hoses to fit your dispensing needs. Whether you're looking for a specific length, diameter, or material, we have you covered. Here are some of our top-selling hoses:
  • Clear Plastic Hose: This hose is perfect for dispensing soda and other clear beverages. It is made from food-grade material and is crystal clear, making it easy to see when the line needs to be cleaned.
  • CO2 Hose: If you're using a CO2 system to dispense your beverages, you need a high-quality CO2 hose. Our hoses are made from food-grade material and are designed to prevent kinks and leaks.

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