Beer fridge, Kegerator

Beer Fridge, Kegerator for Perfectly Chilled Beer Dispensing

Beer fridge, kegerator - these are the two terms that come to mind when you want to serve beer straight from the tap. The beer dispensers or beer counters offered at are designed to make it easy to have draught beer anytime, anywhere.

Beer Dispenser: What is it?

A beer dispenser is a system that serves cold beer straight from the tap. It is a must-have for anyone who is serious about serving perfectly chilled beer to their guests. The beauty of a beer dispenser is that it allows you to keep your beer at the perfect drinking temperature, ensuring that your customers are always happy with the quality of the draught beer you're serving.

Beer Fridge and Kegerator: What's the Difference?

A beer fridge and kegerator are similar in concept, but there are some differences you should be aware of before making your purchase. A beer fridge is designed to be used with bottled or canned beer, while a kegerator is specifically designed for beer that is served from kegs. Beer fridges usually come equipped with shelves and racks that can hold cans and bottles, while a kegerator has a built-in keg system that can store and dispense beer from kegs.

Why Choose for your Beer Dispenser Needs?

At, we have a wide range of beer dispensers, beer fridges, and kegerators to meet your needs. Our products are durable, efficient, and easy to use, so you can serve perfectly chilled beer to your customers anytime, anywhere. Our selection of beer dispensers includes single and double tap models, and they come in a variety of sizes, so you're sure to find the perfect beer dispenser to meet your needs. Here are some benefits of choosing our beer dispenser products:

  • Keeps beer at the perfect temperature for serving
  • Allows you to serve beer straight from the tap
  • Saves space and reduces waste
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Durable and efficient

In conclusion, if you want to provide your customers with perfectly chilled draught beer, a beer dispenser, kegerator, or beer fridge is a must-have. With our wide selection of quality products, you're sure to find the perfect beer dispenser for your needs. So why wait? Visit our website now and start serving cold beer like a pro!

Kegerator Beer fridge

Modern kegerators serve several functions at once: dispense, chill and carbonate the liquid. Yeah, that is not a mistake. Firstly, kegerators were created especially for beer but today any type of beverage can be put into this device - wine, champagne, cider, fizzy drinks, cold brew coffee, etc.

Ways of Dispensing Beer

Any keg beverage must be chilled. The optimum temperature saves the taste and can even extend the shelf life expiration of the drink. The beverage from the keg may be dispense in two main ways:

  • With the help of kegerator - the liquid in the keg gets cooled by the optimum temperature (which depends on the type of the beverage). While dispensing, the free space in the keg is filled with carbon dioxide (CO2). This prevents the drink from oxidation.
  • With the help of a dispensing system - in this case, the keg is stored at the room indoor temperature and is cooled while dispensing. This means that the liquid gets overheated.

Both overheating and subcooling are harmful to beer. The overheating can cause excessive foaming while by subcooling, carbon dioxide stays in the beverage.

Advantages of Using Beer fridge

The optimum temperature is highly important for beer. Draught beer refrigerators (in case they work properly) maintain the temperature of the beverage and prevent it from overheating or subcooling. By being stored in optimal conditions, the shelf life of the beer can be extended up to 3 months. Not to mention that the taste of your beverage remains the same

Beer counter also accomplishes one more essential function: with it, you may dispense large volumes of beverage. One keg can contain up to ½ barrels of drink (which equals around 40 pop cans).

If we are talking about the economy of the area in your kitchen or pub, a beer refrigerator is an excellent choice. While being quite space-saving, some types of kegerators provide you with an option to dispense several drinks (or different types of one drink) from one counter through different faucets.

We should also mention here the attractive appearance of this item. If you are a party-maker nothing else will impress your guests more than a domestic beer counter. A kegerator is an absolute “must-have” option for those who are taking care of the environment: using such a fridge is more eco-friendly (and cheaper) than buying bottles or cans.

Main Minuses of the Utilizing of the Keg Refrigerator

Some of our readers may have already thought that buying a kegerator is quite expensive. It definitely is. However, this is a purchase that outweighs all the costs. Are there any disadvantages of using the draught beer refrigerators then?

  • The first thing you’ll notice after starting utilizing the kegerator is that the sums in your electricity bills will become bigger.
  • You will also have to buy a CO2 tank and keep a wary eye on it (refill or change when it gets empty).
  • All the surfaces that contact with beer should be often cleaned and disinfected.

In the first instance, you should always remember that a beer counter is a type of kitchen equipment so it requires special servicing.

Types of Kegerators

Before investing your money into a kegerator you should think about its main purpose in your house/pub. This will help you to choose the optimal beer counter that will meet all your needs. Here are the top types of beer refrigerators all of which are also accessible on our site.

  • Freestanding Kegerators - These are the most popular and preferable by those who are planning to use the device indoors. Major models such as BARRIQUE dispenser mobile beer bareven have casters to make their moving even easier. The cooling system of these kegerators is very similar to ordinary fridges which means that they have the ventilation from the behind and shouldn’t be placed too close to the wall.
  • Under Counter Kegerators - In dissimilar to the previous type, these kegerators come with their ventilation system in the front, so there won’t be any problems if you cover them or put tightly close to the wall.
  • Multi-Tap Kegerators - These are a perfect choice for the fans of parties. One counter with several faucets provides an opportunity to dispense multiple beer brands or even different drinks. That is possible thanks to 2-4 separate kegs under one counter, as Barrel beer refrigerator A+ for 2x 5 litre cans has.
  • Commercial Kegerators - These devices will not suit your kitchen or garage, however, they will perfectly fit a pub, restaurant or club. Their main purpose is to store and dispense multiple full-size kegs (around ½ barrel each). Except for the volume and number of storing kegs, each of the above-described draught beer refrigerators is notable for its material, outer look, available accessories, etc.

Tips to Help You Choose Your Perfect Kegerator

The first thing to pay attention to precedently choosing a kegerator is measuring the area where you are going to put this item. Make sure that you have enough space not only for the beer counter with kegs but also for the faucet above. Don’t forget to leave several inches between the kegerator and the wall if you are up to buy a freestanding one.

It will also be quite a wise decision to check what kegs are available in your area. Every type of the kegerators mentioned above is compatible with the kegs of particular size and volume. Make sure that buying and delivering beverages won’t be a reason for your headache. It also bears repeating that a keg of liquid is not that light. Probably, you will have to order a special type of delivery to your basement or garage.

One more thing to keep in mind is that some beverages may require different additional accessories. For example, you will have to buy a Nitrogen regulator in case you want to drink Guinness. Some kegs may also need a special coupler to be properly connected to the kegerator system.

Remember to clean your kegerator regularly and properly. This is the device that is connected with food products after all. Our Hygiene section will help you to choose the necessary agents and items.

Beer fridge, Kegerator FAQ

What is a beer fridge, Kegerator?

  • A beer fridge, Kegerator is a device designed to store and cool beer kegs at a specific temperature and dispense beer through a tap. The device contains a refrigeration unit, beer lines, and taps to pump beer.

What are the benefits of having a beer fridge, Kegerator?

  • Easy dispensing of the cold beer at the perfect temperature
  • Savings on the cost of beer, as buying kegs is less expensive than buying packaged beer
  • Flexibility of choice, as you can select the right type of beer that suits you, your guests or your customers
  • A stylish addition to any home bar, cellar bar or party

What should I consider when choosing the right beer fridge, Kegerator?

  • The number of kegs you would like to store
  • The required temperature range
  • The location for the fridge
  • The style of the unit

What types of beer fridges and kegerators are available at

  • We offer a wide selection of beer fridges and kegerators that cater to every need and budget. Our selection includes a range of models and styles ranging from freestanding units to built-in models.

What is the difference between a freestanding and a built-in beer fridge, Kegerator?

  • A freestanding beer fridge, Kegerator is a standalone unit that can be placed anywhere in your home or business. A built-in beer fridge, Kegerator is designed to be installed into a cabinet or bar, providing a seamless and integrated look.

How many kegs can a beer fridge, Kegerator hold?

  • The number of kegs a beer fridge, Kegerator can hold depends on the size of the unit. At, we offer beer fridges and kegerators that can hold anywhere from one to multiple kegs.

What is the temperature range of a beer fridge, Kegerator?

  • The temperature range of a beer fridge, Kegerator varies depending on the model. At, we offer beer fridges and kegerators with temperature ranges from 2°C to 20°C.

Can I use a beer fridge, Kegerator for other types of beverages?

  • While a beer fridge, Kegerator is designed specifically for beer, it can also be used to store and dispense other types of beverages such as wine, cider, and soda.
In conclusion, a beer fridge, Kegerator is an essential addition to any bar or home brew setup. At, we are dedicated to providing our customers with a variety of choices and excellent customer service. Browse our selection today and let us help you find the perfect Beer fridge, Kegerator for your home or business.