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Gastro refrigerated counters for every need

Refrigerated counters or counters belong to the absolute basic equipment in gastronomy, without which practically no business can do. In particular, they ensure perfectly chilled drinks, but also ensure that stored food does not spoil too quickly.

In our online shop you will find refrigerated counters and refrigerated counters for the catering sector in different designs and sizes. Whether a compact beverage refrigerator or a complete refrigerated counter with an integrated sink - we are sure that you will find a suitable model with us.

Versatile gastro refrigerated counters

With a gastro refrigerated counter, it goes without saying that it is not only important that it cools its contents sufficiently. In addition, it must of course also match the requirements of the respective company. After all, it makes a big difference whether the gastro refrigerated counter should only be used to store food and drinks or whether its contents should be presented to the guests of the restaurant in an appealing way

There is a large selection of different models. It should therefore normally not be a problem to find a suitable gastro refrigerated counter that is perfect for your purposes.

What is important when buying a gastro refrigerated counter

If you want to buy a refrigerated counter or a gastro refrigerated counter, you should consider a few things. Because the more precisely the model of your choice corresponds to your requirements and ideas, the better.

The following points are particularly important when buying a gastro refrigerated counter:

  • size
  • Cooling technology
  • Equipment

What size should a refrigerated counter be?

Cool counters are available in numerous different sizes. While particularly compact refrigerators are just over 60 centimeters wide, larger gastro refrigerated counters sometimes have a width of more than three meters.

Which size is the right one in your case, of course, cannot be said in general terms. Among other things, the available space and the usual amount of food and drinks that you want to store in it are decisive.

Before buying, it is therefore advisable to invest some time and measure the available floor space. Once that's done, you can choose the right refrigerated counter in our shop.

What cooling technologies are there?

Cooling devices are available with different cooling technologies. In order to cool the inside of the refrigerated counter down to the right temperature, either silent cooling or convection cooling can be used.

Both cooling techniques have advantages and disadvantages. Which variant you should choose depends on your individual ideas and the intended use of the counter.

Cooling devices with silent cooling

Refrigerated counters that are equipped with silent cooling have a cooling unit that is usually mounted on the outside of the device. The silent cooling is often referred to as static cooling. It has the particular advantage that cooling counters with silent cooling are very quiet, so that their operation in the dining room is not perceived as disruptive.

Apart from that, refrigerated counters with silent cooling are suitable for storing unpackaged food, which can dry out comparatively quickly with devices with convection cooling.

Refrigerated counters with silent cooling also have some disadvantages. On the one hand, it is always a few degrees colder in the lower part of the devices than in the upper part. This fact should be taken into account when placing the counter.

On the other hand, static cooling usually does not allow for rapid cooling, which can be a problem, especially when refrigerated counters are opened frequently.

Refrigerated counters with convection cooling

Refrigerated counters with convection cooling are equipped with a fan. This blows the cold air inside and ensures that it is evenly distributed there. In this way, too large differences in temperature within the refrigerated counter can be avoided.

Apart from that, the convection cooling ensures that the temperature inside is quickly cooled down again after opening.

Just like cooling counters with silent cooling, models with convection cooling also have some disadvantages. These include in particular the comparatively high level of noise and the fact that the air flow caused by the fan can dry out unpackaged food very quickly.

Nonetheless, gastro refrigerated counters are in most cases equipped with convection cooling. Because, especially when serving drinks in busy catering establishments, the advantages in terms of performance usually clearly outweigh the possible disadvantages.

Construction and equipment of the refrigerated counter

In addition to the size and the cooling technology, it is of course also important to choose the right construction and equipment for your own requirements. Before you decide on a model, you should therefore first consider what is important to you. For example, if you want to present the selection of drinks in your company in an appealing way, you should opt for a refrigerated counter with glass doors. In this way, your customers can see at a glance which drinks you have on offer, which can definitely have a sales-promoting effect.

If, on the other hand, you want to place the refrigerated counter under the counter so that the doors are out of sight of your guests anyway, a refrigerated counter with glass doors is not absolutely necessary.

In addition to different doors, there are also refrigerated counters with and without a sink. Here, too, the decision is yours. Because depending on the conditions on site, another model may be the right choice.

What do gastro refrigerated counters cost?

The costs that you have to reckon with when buying a gastro refrigerated counter can vary significantly, so that general statements in this regard are hardly possible. Inexpensive, compact cooling devices are available in our shop for just under 1,000 euros, for example. For a large refrigerated counter that offers space for larger quantities of drinks, however, several 1,000 euros can easily be due.

Regardless of this, the price should not be the only criterion when buying a gastro refrigerated counter anyway. After all, a robust design is very important, especially for refrigerated counters that are used in the professional sector. If you save at the wrong end here, you usually have to expect that the model of your choice will break much faster and that you will have to look for a replacement relatively early

How much electricity do gastro refrigerated counters use?

While dishwashers and many other electrical appliances are only switched on when needed, a refrigerated counter is usually in operation around the clock. The power consumption of the respective model should therefore not be underestimated.

Basically you can of course assume that the consumption is higher, the larger the respective refrigerated counter is. Apart from that, of course, how often the doors of the counter are opened also plays a role. Because every time you get something out, warm air gets inside, which the refrigerator inevitably has to cool down again.

Clean gastro refrigerated counters

The subject of hygiene plays an important role in gastronomy. This of course also applies to refrigerated counters, which should be cleaned regularly. In this way, not only can the formation of germs be avoided. In addition, a well-cared-for gastro refrigerated counter usually lasts significantly longer.

If you take care of cleaning regularly, the effort involved is usually manageable. Make sure to use the mildest possible cleaning agent and a soft cleaning cloth so as not to scratch the surfaces of your cooling counter. You can of course clean any existing glass doors with a commercially available glass cleaner.

Buy high-quality gastro refrigerated counters

If you are looking for a new gastro refrigerated counter, you have come to the right place. Because in our online shop you will find a large selection of refrigerated counters for every need.

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