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The serving of hot drinks

Mulled wine equipment for commercial use

Discover our professional mulled wine dispensers with electric pump and a tapping capacity of 100 l/h, which are available to you in 2 lines with two preheated taps or in 3 lines with three taps. They have an infinitely variable temperature control from 35°C to 85°C and are suitable for all kinds of alcoholic hot drinks. Thanks to the uncomplicated construction, they are immediately ready for use and can even be used for serving mulled wine after appropriate modification. The hook-in drip tray is 520 mm deep, the matching suction hoses are also available in our online shop. Our "hot keg" is a special hot beverage device in a playful keg shape, which is also operated with an electric pump and has two pre-heated taps. Beside the same high-quality equipment as our mulled wine devices the "hot keg" captivates by its cosy winterly optics.

Indispensable accessories for your Wine Dispensers

In our accessory sets for mulled wine equipment you will find riser pipes and hot beverage hoses for both 2-line and 3-line dispensers with electric feed pump. We also offer a 2-line accessory set for hot beverage devices with gas-powered feed pump. This package also includes the CO2 bottles and a pressure reducer. We also offer beverage line tubing and riser pipes as individual parts. The riser pipe is attached to the beverage hose, which supports the pump in pumping the beverage from the container into the dispenser. The basket keg coupler, which is screwed onto the keg and equipped with a special coating, is ideal for dispensing mulled wine.

Perfect hot drinks thanks to mulled wine dispenser

Instead, visitors are increasingly enjoying tasty hot drinks, such as mulled wine or punch. It is particularly easy to serve hot drinks with a professional glow wine dispenser. Because with the powerful devices, mulled wine can be tapped in record time and long waiting times for customers can be avoided. 

How does a mulled wine dispenser work

Without a mulled wine dispenser you have to heat the hot beverage in a kettle, keep it at temperature and remove it from the bar for serving.  This is cumbersome, time-intensive and also consumes unnecessary electricity. With a mulled wine dispenser, however, you can heat your hot drinks directly from the container and immediately before serving. For this purpose, the mulled wine tapping unit is usually equipped with a flow heater, the temperature of which can be flexibly adjusted.

Advantages of a mulled wine dispenser

kettle for the bar. Instead, only a part of the mulled wine is heated in the mulled wine dispenser. This is much faster and ensures that you can start serving mulled wine after only a few minutes. In addition, you do not have to heat the mulled wine permanently. In this way, you avoid evaporation of alcohol and caramelization of the sugar contained in it. In addition, no harmful substances are produced, which can be formed with increasing duration of the heating process.

Flexible temperature control for perfect mulled wine enjoyment

A professional mulled wine dispenser enables you to flexibly adjust the temperature of the poured drinks. Depending on the model, you can usually set the controller to up to 85 degrees and thus always serve your customers perfectly tempered drinks.

Milled wine dispensers s can be used flexibly

Despite the designation as a mulled wine dispenser, the devices are suitable for a variety of different beverages. Depending on the model, you can also use your dispenser, for example, for use the preparation of children's punch, mulled wine, hot cocoa, grog and numerous other warm delicacies. A mulled wine dispenser offers you maximum flexibility and allows you to adapt your range of products to the wishes of your customers.

Professional mulled wine dispensers for every need

mulled wine tapping units for professional use, so that you will certainly find the right model for your needs.

Powerful mulled wine dispensers for large quantities

Our powerful instantaneous water heater. The devices offer you a dispensers capacity of up to 100 litres per hour and are able to heat up the drinks by up to 75 degrees. With such a mulled wine dispensers you are well equipped even at peak times and can serve your customers hot drinks without wasting time.

Professional mulled wine dispensers for smaller quantities

For a lower demand for hot drinks you can alternatively find professional mulled wine dispensers with a lower dispensing capacity. With such a device you can heat up to 35 litres per hour by 75 degrees and pour them out. The taste and temperature of the mulled wine also leave nothing to be desired with these mulled wine dispensers of course.

Glue wine tapping plants with air compressors and electric pumps

In our shop you can choose between mulled wine dispensers with air compressor and electric pump. Both variants allow you a stress-free dispensing of mulled wine and other hot drinks.

Glue wine tapping units with one, two or three lines

You can decide on a mulled wine dispensers unit with one, two or three lines as required. So you have the choice of how many taps your dispensers should be equipped with and can therefore choose the model that best suits your needs.

Connect a mulled wine dispenser correctly

Connecting and operating a mulled wine dispensers is normally easy and does not require great technical expertise. As long as you follow the supplied operating instructions, you can hardly do anything wrong and usually start tapping after only a few minutes. However, it is important to pay attention to the type of container for which the corresponding model is suitable. There are devices for tapping from pressure-resistant containers as well as mulled wine dispensers for tapping from non-pressure-resistant containers, such as canisters.

Buy professional mulled wine dispensers

Whether Christmas market, weekly market or gastronomy business - with a mulled wine dispensers you are right in winter. By using it, you make your work easier and can supply your customers with delicious hot drinks at the same time without waiting. If you want to profit from the advantages of such a device and buy a mulled wine dispenser, you are exactly right with us. Because in our shop you will find a large selection of different models, so that you can order exactly the device that fits your requirements. Order the mulled wine dispenser of your choice today and rely on a reliable and fast delivery.