Buy a samovar: the ideal solution for perfect tea enjoyment

If you are looking for a very special way to prepare your tea, a samovar could be the perfect choice for you.

If you want to buy a samovar, you've come to the right place in our shop. In our range you will find high-quality samovars that you can order directly online and have them delivered.

The most important things about the samovar at a glance

  • Samovar tea maker are available in different designs and sizes.
  • In the past, coal or petroleum was used to heat the samovar.
  • Modern samovar are equipped with an electric heating element, which makes them much easier to use.
  • Anyone who prefers it nostalgic can still opt for a charcoal-powered samovar today.
  • If the enjoyment of tea plays an important role for you, the preparation with a samovar will inspire you.
  • In our shop you will find a selection of high-quality samovars that you can buy online.

What is a samovar

A samovar is a special kettle or tea maker. Samovars are originally from Russia. The tea maker are available in various sizes.

Classic samovars are richly ornamented. In the meantime, however, the special kettles are also available in simpler versions, so it should not be difficult for you to find a samovar that suits your needs.

Samovar have a long tradition

Making tea with a samovar has a long tradition. The classic tea machines were already mentioned in writing in the first half of the 18th century. For several years now, the Russian city of Gorodets has even had a museum where interested visitors can see historical samovar.

In addition to Russia, samovars for preparing tea are particularly widespread in Ukraine, Turkey, Belarus and various Central Asian countries. In some languages, the spelling samovar is also common.

In the meantime, the traditional tea makers are also enjoying increasing popularity with us. More and more tea lovers appreciate the special way of preparation. Maybe you will soon be one of them and enjoy your first tea, which you prepared using the samovar you bought from us.

Relaxed tea enjoyment with a samovar

Anyone who appreciates a cup of tea will be delighted with the preparation with a samovar. The tea makers not only prove to be practical. In addition, they are also real eye-catchers in private life and in the catering trade, which will certainly also attract the attention of your guests.

For example, use a samovar to spend a cozy evening with your family or friends. The traditional tea preparation ensures a relaxed atmosphere in which you can enjoy interesting conversations as well as a good cup of tea.

In our hectic times, this can help us to calm down and gain new strength for the challenges of everyday life.

How does a samovar work?

The main part of the samovar is a water boiler equipped with a drain tap. With this, the hot water can be removed and used to prepare tea.

Usually, the samovar water tank can be filled with water through an opening at the top. When heated, the opening is closed with an associated lid. The lid of the samovar is equipped with small openings to allow the resulting water vapor and thus the pressure in the kettle to escape.

If the samovar is to be used to prepare tea, a teapot, called a chainik in Russian, is placed on the lid. A tea concentrate is prepared in the pot. For this purpose, it is filled with a small amount of water and a relatively large amount of loose tea leaves.

The tea concentrate can be kept warm for several hours on the samovar. To make a drinkable tea from it, some concentrate is mixed with the hot water from the samovar's kettle.

In this way, the concentration of the tea can be adjusted exactly to your own taste. This is a great advantage, especially if several people want to drink tea, as is usual when preparing tea with a samovar.

In addition, the water boiler of a samovar is usually very difficult to clean. If the tea were prepared directly in the kettle, the removal of deposits from the tea would be associated with a correspondingly high level of effort.

Samovar of different sizes

If you want to buy a samovar, you have to decide on a certain size, among other things. The choice is quite large.

There are both smaller models with a water tank with a capacity of three liters and large samovars with a water tank that can be filled with 15 liters of water for heating.

It is not possible to say in general which size is the right one for you. The decisive factor here is primarily the intended use of the tea machine. It is therefore worth taking a moment to think about exactly how you intend to use your new samovar and which size is most suitable in your case before you buy it.

If you want to use your samovar privately to make tea, a compact device with a three to five liter kettle is perfectly adequate. On the other hand, if the samovar is to be available to guests in a canteen, hotel or restaurant to prepare tea, you are right with a large model with a 15-liter water kettle.

Samovar made of different materials

In addition to different sizes, you can also choose from different materials when buying your samovar. For example, there are models made of stainless steel. With such a samovar you choose a robust and durable device.

Apart from that, there are also porcelain samovar. Such a tea machine undoubtedly looks very elegant and can usually also score with a long service life. However, keep in mind that porcelain can break more easily, which of course would be more than annoying in the case of a high-quality samovar.

In addition to devices made of stainless steel or porcelain, there are now more and more samovars that are at least partially made of plastic. Most of these are cheaper devices that should appeal to price-conscious tea lovers in particular.

Electric samovar or with charcoal

It is well known that hot water is indispensable for the preparation of tea. A possibility to heat the tea machines should not be missing. Classic samovars are operated with charcoal or, in some cases, with petroleum. Modern samovars, on the other hand, are electric. In principle, they work like a conventional kettle.

Electric samovar

Electric samovar are mostly the standard today. Of course, you need a socket for your operation, to which you can connect the tea machine.

The filled electric samovar simply needs to be switched on to heat the water in the boiler. The desired temperature can usually be set. As soon as he has reached this, the electric samovar then switches off. When the water cools down, the heating switches on again.

This ensures that your tea water is always at the right temperature and you do not have to constantly worry about the water temperature while you are with your guests. Apart from that, an electric samovar with automatic temperature control proves to be particularly energy-efficient. In times of climate change and rising electricity prices, this is undoubtedly a great advantage that speaks in favor of buying such a samovar.

Charcoal samovar

Although an electric samovar proves to be particularly practical in everyday use, some tea lovers still prefer the classic version.

If this applies to you, you should consider buying a charcoal samovar. The selection of corresponding models is of course much smaller than is the case with electrically heated samovars. Nevertheless, there are devices that you can use in this case.

However, keep in mind that making tea with a charcoal samovar is a bit more involved. After all, you have to make sure yourself that the water in the boiler is permanently at the desired temperature. In addition, burning the charcoal in the samovar is inevitably associated with a certain odor nuisance. Depending on the local conditions, this may be an exclusion criterion.

However, if you don't mind either and want a particularly nostalgic experience for making tea, a classic charcoal samovar is without a doubt a good choice that will surely impress your guests.

Buying a samovar: what should you pay attention to?

If you want to buy a samovar, you will quickly find that the selection of different models is very large. First of all, that's positive. At the same time, however, this circumstance also ensures that it is not always easy to find a suitable samovar.

After all, individual preferences and requirements can sometimes differ significantly. In order to buy a samovar that optimally meets your personal expectations, you should therefore pay attention to a few points in advance.

After all, a samovar is not something you will buy too often. The better the model of your choice suits you, the longer you will enjoy using it.

Pay particular attention to the following points if you want to buy a samovar:

  • Should it be an electric samovar or a charcoal samovar?
  • What is the volume of the kettle?
  • What materials is the samovar made of?
  • Can the device convince in terms of quality?
  • Does the samovar have the equipment you want?

Apart from that, you can of course also consider the appearance of the samovar when making your purchase decision. Whether you prefer a classic design with lavish embellishments or a simple and modern look is entirely up to you.

How much does a samovar cost?

The costs you have to reckon with when buying a samovar can vary significantly from model to model. Very inexpensive and simple devices are available for around 100 euros.

You can easily spend several hundred euros for a high-quality samovar including accessories. Ultimately, of course, it is entirely up to you what is important to you.

If you just want to buy a simple tea maker and spend as little money as possible, an inexpensive device will probably suffice. On the other hand, if you value the best possible quality, a large capacity and an elegant look, you should be prepared to invest a little more money if you want to buy a new samovar.

What does samovar mean?

The term samovar comes from the Russian. It is composed of the two words "samo" and "war". Samo means "self" in German and war means "cooks". Literally translated, samovar means "self-cooker", which basically describes the functioning of the devices quite well.

Tea preparation with the samovar in four simple steps

Making tea with a samovar is really not a complicated matter. If you have never used a samovar before, we have briefly summarized the most important steps for you below.

How to prepare your tea with a samovar:

  • Step 1: Fill the samovar's kettle with water and heat it up.
  • Step 2: Fill the teapot with loose tea leaves and a small amount of hot water.
  • Step 3: Dilute the tea concentrate from the pot with water from the samovar according to your personal taste.
  • Step 4: Enjoy your tea made with the samovar.

Is a samovar suitable for me?

Perhaps you are still unsure whether you should really buy a samovar or whether a conventional kettle is not completely sufficient for preparing your tea.

That's understandable. Because of course you don't necessarily need a samovar to make tea. However, if you value optimal tea enjoyment and like to celebrate it regularly with your friends or family, a samovar is perfect for you. A simple kettle cannot keep up.

We therefore have no doubt that you will no longer want to miss the special experience associated with preparing tea with a samovar.

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If you are looking for a samovar, you have come to the right place in our shop. Because we offer you a selection of high-quality devices that you can easily order online and have them delivered.

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