High pressure kitchen taps

High pressure kitchen taps

Of course, one of the things you need for your kitchen is a suitable mixer tap to draw hot and cold water from the tap. Depending on the conditions on site, a so-called high-pressure fitting may be the right choice in your case.

If you are looking for a new high pressure kitchen, you have come to the right place. In our online shop you will find high-quality high pressure kitchen that you can order and have delivered conveniently.

High pressure kitchen taps - the most important things at a glance

  • When buying the mixer tap, make sure that a high pressure kitchen is actually required for the kitchen in question.
  • High-pressure mixers are equipped with two connections for water hoses and are used if a central water treatment system is available.
  • If there are connections for cold and hot water in the wall under the sink, you need a high-pressure fitting.
  • High-pressure taps for kitchens are available in different designs.
  • A high-pressure fitting with a sensor is particularly easy to operate, which is a great advantage in certain situations.
  • To be able to rely on a long service life, it is essential to look for good quality when buying.
  • A high-pressure fitting can be connected by yourself with a little manual skill or by a specialist if required.
  • You can choose from various models in our shop and buy your new high-pressure fitting directly online.

High pressure kitchen taps or low-pressure mixer?

When looking for a new mixer tap, you will inevitably read the terms high-pressure fitting and low-pressure fitting. Both variants differ from each other.

For proper operation, it is crucial that you choose the right model. Therefore, if you need a high-pressure fitting, you must not buy a low-pressure fitting, just as you must not use a high-pressure fitting instead of a low-pressure one.

What is a high-pressure fitting?

A high-pressure fitting is a mixer tap. This means that it can be used to regulate not only the flow rate of tap water, but also the water temperature.

The designation as a high-pressure fitting refers to the pressure prevailing in the pipe. In order to transport the water through the water pipes of the local network to the buildings, a sufficiently high pipe pressure is required.

The installation systems in houses are normally designed for a maximum line pressure of up to 10 bar. Depending on the supply pressure in the local network, the pressure must be reduced with a pressure reducer before the tap water is delivered to the households.

High-pressure fittings can usually also withstand a pressure of 10 bar. Such a fitting is connected directly to the two connections for hot and cold water, which are located in the wall.

You can recognise a high-pressure fitting by the fact that it has two openings for connecting the water hoses.

When is a high-pressure fitting needed?

It is usually quite easy to see whether a high-pressure fitting is needed. To do this, simply take a look at the water connections available in your kitchen.

If there is a connection for hot and cold water, the water treatment in your building is centralised. In this case, a high-pressure fitting is the right choice.

High-pressure fittings for instantaneous water heaters

In most cases, so-called instantaneous water heaters are pressure-resistant appliances. They therefore also require a high-pressure fitting. Connecting a low-pressure fitting is not possible in this case and can easily lead to unnecessary damage. Therefore, make absolutely sure to use a corresponding high-pressure fitting for a pressure-resistant appliance. In case of doubt, the operating instructions of the instantaneous water heater or the manufacturer of the respective appliance will provide you with information on this question.

What is a low-pressure fitting?

As with a high-pressure fitting, a low-pressure fitting is a mixer tap that can be used to regulate both the amount and temperature of the water.

In contrast to the high-pressure fitting, however, the hot water is not supplied directly via the water pipe of the household installation. Instead, a boiler is required in which the cold water must first be heated.

You can recognise a low-pressure fitting by the fact that, in contrast to a high-pressure fitting, such a model has not two but three openings for connecting the water hoses.

When is a low-pressure fitting needed?

If there is only one connection for cold water on the wall in your kitchen, which first has to be heated in a boiler under the sink, you do not need a high-pressure fitting, but a low-pressure fitting.

High-pressure fittings are considered standard nowadays. However, it is not uncommon in older buildings, for example, that there is no central water treatment and therefore a low-pressure fitting with boiler must be used instead of a high-pressure fitting in order to have hot water in the kitchen.

Areas of application for high pressure kitchen taps

Nowadays, high-pressure fittings are more or less the standard and are used much more frequently than low-pressure fittings. Of course, high-pressure taps are by no means only used as mixer taps in the kitchen. They are also an indispensable part of many bathrooms. Depending on the model, they can be used, for example, as mixer taps for washbasins, showers and bathtubs or even bidets.

Despite all the differences that the various models may have in terms of their shape and features, the basic function is always the same. Both in the bathroom and in the kitchen, high-pressure fittings are always used when there is a central water treatment system and there are accordingly two connections on the wall for installing the mixer tap.

What is important when buying a high pressure kitchen taps

If you want to buy a new high-pressure mixer, you will certainly find that there is a wide range of different models to choose from. You can choose between fittings in various designs and shapes as well as very different price ranges.

When buying, you should of course make sure that the high-pressure fitting of your choice meets your individual requirements and ideas. Depending on the intended use and the local conditions, a completely different model may well be the right choice.

Irrespective of this, however, you should also bear in mind that a good quality of workmanship and high-quality materials can make a decisive contribution to the longest possible service life of your newly purchased high-pressure fitting.

As tempting as it may be at first to buy the cheapest model you can find, excessive frugality usually proves to be a bad idea here. After all, you certainly attach great importance to your mixer tap lasting a long time and reliably fulfilling its function without it suddenly leaking after a short time or even failing completely.

High-pressure fittings for the kitchen in our online shop

When buying your new high-pressure mixer, you have a large selection of different models to choose from. So you can easily find a mixer that meets your expectations. In our shop, you will find simple mixer taps as well as high-pressure taps with a sensor, for example.

High pressure kitchen taps with sensor

A high-pressure mixer with a sensor makes it possible to switch the water supply on and off without having to touch the mixer. Among other things, such a high-pressure fitting is particularly practical if you have dirty hands in the kitchen from preparing food and want to wash them. Apart from that, a high-pressure fitting with sensor is of course also a particularly hygienic solution if the kitchen is used by several people at the same time, which is inevitably the rule in the catering trade.

If this is not desired, you can of course also buy a high-pressure fitting for the kitchen that has to be operated with one or two hands. So you have the choice of which variant you prefer.

Connecting a high pressure kitchen taps

To be able to install a high-pressure fitting in your kitchen, it is necessary to have two connections on the wall. One of them is for the cold water and the other for the hot water that is heated in a central water treatment system in your building.

If you want to replace an existing high-pressure mixer tap, it is important that you first turn off the water. before you install the new mixer tap. You can usually do this directly at the wall connections. If the space under your sink is very tight, it may help to remove the siphon for the duration of the installation.

Attach the water hoses to the connections provided on the fitting and mount the water fitting on the sink. You then need to connect the water hoses to the wall connections before you can turn the water on again.

If necessary, you can of course use extension hoses if the distance between the high-pressure fitting and the connections on the wall is too great.

Connecting a high pressure kitchen is usually not too complicated an undertaking. If you are not confident that you can install it properly yourself, there is of course no reason why you should not hire a professional to do it for you. This way you are on the safe side and can be sure that everything is leak-proof and that your high-pressure fitting works as it should.

Buy high pressure kitchen taps

If you are looking for a suitable high pressure kitchen taps, you are sure to find what you are looking for in our shop. We offer a wide range of different models for you to choose from.

Simply order the right high pressure kitchen taps online and have your purchase delivered quickly and reliably. We are sure that you will be absolutely satisfied with our favourable prices, the good service and the quality of your high pressure kitchen taps purchased from us.