Champagne bucket

Champagne ice bucket and champagne buckets for perfectly chilled sparkling wine, champagne and more.

Sparkling wines such as champagne ice bucket and champagne buckets are known to only taste good when they are drunk well chilled. In many cases, it is therefore a good idea to use a champagne cooler to ensure that the drink remains at the optimum temperature until it is served, so that nothing stands in the way of perfect drinking pleasure.

If you are looking for a champagne cooler or champagne bucket, you have come to the right place. In our shop you will find a selection of high-quality models that you can buy directly online and have delivered.

Champagne bucket - the most important things at a glance

  • Classic champagne bucket are filled with ice cubes to cool the contents of the drinks bottles.
  • Of course, other drinks such as spirits and white wine can also be cooled in a champagne cooler.
  • Champagne cooler are available in different sizes and designs, so that suitable models can be found for different requirements.
  • Champagne cooler are available in metal such as aluminium, stainless steel, plastic or glass.
  • With a silverplated champagne cooler, you are opting for a particularly elegant model, although its purchase is also associated with correspondingly high costs.
  • You can buy your new champagne cooler conveniently online in our shop and have it delivered directly to your home.

What is a champagne bucket?

A champagne cooler is a vessel that is intended for cooling champagne and other beverage bottles. A classic champagne cooler is equipped with one or more bottles and filled with ice cubes, which then take over the cooling of the drinks.

Apart from this, there are also champagne cooler, for example, that have a cooling battery. Such a model does not need ice cubes, which can make handling easier.

Regardless of the exact design, the champagne cooler always serves the same purpose. It has the task of cooling your drinks so that you or your guests can look forward to a perfect drinking experience and nothing stands in the way of a convivial get-together.

Why is it worth buying a champagne ice bucket?

It is a well-known fact that sparkling wine and other sparkling wines such as champagne only taste good when they are well chilled in the glasses. However, it is not always possible to take the bottles straight out of the cooler and then serve them immediately, or to empty them in a short time.

Especially when the outside temperature is somewhat higher, it often does not take long for the contents to heat up and the drinking pleasure is considerably impaired. This can be avoided with a suitable champagne cooler. You can reliably cool your sparkling wine in the champagne bucket so that it has the perfect drinking temperature when served, ensuring optimal taste and the characteristic tingling sensation.

Since ice cubes are used for cooling in a classic champagne cooler, you also don't have to worry about the presence of a power connection when using it. This is of course a great advantage, especially for outdoor events, from which you can benefit by using a champagne bucket to cool your drinks.

Where champagne bucket can be used

The use of a champagne bucket is always a good idea when the bottles are not taken directly from the cooler and served. The champagne bucket makes it possible to chill the drinks directly on the laid table or on a side table.

The purchase is not only worthwhile for restaurateurs, but also for private individuals who like to enjoy a glass of cold champagne or similar with family or friends.

With a high-quality model, you not only ensure perfectly chilled sparkling wine or other drinks. They also make a skilful contribution to the visual enhancement of your celebration, which will certainly not go unnoticed by your guests.

Champagne bucket can be used for the following occasions, among others:

  • Receptions
  • Weddings
  • Dinner parties
  • Garden parties

Champagne bucket made of different materials

When buying a champagne cooler, you can choose between models made of different materials. It is therefore entirely up to you whether you prefer a champagne cooler made of stainless steel, plastic or even glass as well as metal, such as aluminium.

Champagne ice bucket made of stainless steel

Stainless steel is known to be particularly robust, insensitive and durable. These properties make it the ideal choice for making high-quality champagne cooler that can score with a long service life. Apart from that, with a champagne cooler made of stainless steel, you are opting for a product that knows how to impress with a chic and noble design.

Discerning champagne lovers are definitely on the right track with a stainless steel champagne cooler. Whether you prefer a compact model for individual bottles or a larger champagne bucket that can hold several bottles including ice cubes is entirely up to you.

Plastic champagne bucket

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative and are really only interested in having a suitable container for cooling your drinks, a plastic champagne cooler may be a good choice.

Of course, such a model does not look as noble as a champagne bucket made of stainless steel. However, plastic champagne coolers fulfil their task just as reliably. If you choose a high-quality product, you can usually rely on a high level of stability despite the low price, so that nothing should stand in the way of long-term use of the inexpensive champagne cooler.

Glass champagne ice bucket

Glass is another material you can choose when buying your new champagne cooler. There is a wide range of different shapes to choose from. There are both very simple and richly decorated models. Champagne cooler made of crystal glass, for example, are particularly elegant.

Basically, with a glass champagne cooler, you are choosing a high-quality product that is easy to clean and durable. However, you should bear in mind that glass can of course break. A stainless steel model usually survives accidental mishaps quite well, whereas this is often not the case with glass. When using a glass champagne cooler, it is therefore advisable to be a little more careful so that it does not fall.

Silver champagne bucket

If a simple champagne cooler is not enough for you and you want a particularly elegant piece, you can even go for silverplated models. Of course, such a silver champagne cooler is anything but inexpensive. Depending on the design, you have to reckon with costs of several hundred or sometimes even well over 1,000 euros.

A champagne cooler that is at least partly made of silver is therefore undoubtedly not the right solution for every wallet. If you are only interested in the look, models made of stainless steel or metal, such as aluminium, are of course much cheaper without having to forego an attractive design.

What drinks can be chilled in the champagne cooler?

The name "champagne bucket" quickly gives the impression that only champagne or other sparkling wines can be cooled in it. However, there is no reason why the champagne bucket should not also be used for other bottled drinks.

For example, you can use the champagne bucket to chill white wine or spirits such as vodka. The practical beverage cooler is thus extremely versatile and can make a decisive contribution in numerous situations so that you can provide your guests with perfectly tempered drinks for an all-round successful celebration.

Where can I get ice cubes for my champagne bucket?

In order to chill drinks with a classic champagne bucket, you will of course need a sufficient amount of ice cubes. In the warm months of the year, you can easily buy these in supermarkets or at petrol stations.

Apart from that, the purchase of an ice cube maker, which you can also find in our shop, can also be worthwhile. Especially if you use your champagne cooler regularly and therefore need a correspondingly large quantity of ice cubes, an ice cube machine is much more practical than having to go to the supermarket and petrol station every time.

What to look for when buying a champagne cooler

Champagne cooler are available in a wide variety of designs. When buying, you will be faced with the question of what material your new champagne bucket should be made of and what size is right.

Depending on the planned use, a different model can of course be a good choice in this respect. If you occasionally want to chill a single bottle of sparkling wine, for example, a compact bottle cooler is perfectly adequate. If, on the other hand, you want to chill several bottles to serve a larger number of guests, a larger champagne bucket that offers enough space for this purpose is probably the better choice.

Regardless of this, you should of course also pay attention to the quality when buying the champagne cooler. After all, you certainly attach great importance to your purchase lasting as long as possible and reliably fulfilling its function.

Especially high-quality models made of stainless steel can usually score in this respect. However, this does not mean that you cannot choose a particularly inexpensive champagne cooler made of plastic if you are looking for the cheapest possible solution for cooling your champagne bottles.

Buy high-quality champagne bucket at low prices online

With a suitable champagne bowl, you never have to worry about warm drinks again. Instead, you can always enjoy perfect drinking pleasure in the future.

Whether for private use or for use in the catering trade - if you want to buy a new champagne bowl, you are sure to find what you are looking for in our shop. Our range offers you a selection of high-quality champagne cooler to choose from.

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