• Keep your beer dispenser at the perfect serving temperature with our selection of thermostats.

Why Temperature Matters

  • The temperature of your beer is just as important as the taste. A beer that is too warm can taste flat and unappetizing, while a beer that is too cold can mask the flavors and aromas of the brew. That's why it's important to have a thermostat for your beer dispenser.
  • With the right thermostat, you can ensure that your beer is always served at the optimal temperature. Our selection of thermostats are specifically designed for beer dispensers and can help you achieve the perfect serving temperature every time.

Choose the Right Thermostat for Your Beer Dispenser

  • When choosing a thermostat for your beer dispenser, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost, you need to make sure that the thermostat is compatible with your dispenser.
  • Next, you'll want to consider the temperature range of the thermostat. Different types of beer are best served at different temperatures, so it's important to choose a thermostat that can accommodate a range of temperatures.
  • Finally, look for a thermostat that is easy to install and program. Our selection of thermostats are user-friendly and can be installed quickly and easily, so you can start serving your beer at the perfect temperature right away.
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Thermostats have the task of maintaining the room temperature or the temperature of the cooling system at a certain number of degrees. This is particularly important with beer, because only cool beer tastes really good. And in order to keep the beverage at the optimum temperature already during cooling, thermostats are extremely practical.

Temperature controller

Thermostats are temperature controllers that use sensors to record the current ambient temperature. Thermostats can also be used to set a set point that is to be reached at any time. Thermostats therefore control the room temperature, regardless of whether it is in the cold store or the drinks cooler. Thermostats are often installed directly in cooling systems and are therefore one of the most important components of the system.

An ice thermostat measures the temperature of the ice up to 12°C. A defrost thermostat gives an alarm when it is too warm. And universal fridge controllers indicate the temperature of the deep freeze. Thermostats help not only in the catering trade but also in private households to serve a cool, fresh beer at any time.

The correct beer temperature

The aim is to use thermostats to keep the beer at a perfect temperature during cooling. After all, who wants warm beer in a glass? Beer quickly tastes stale and stale when it is too warm. As a rule, a beer should be served at seven to nine degrees, i.e. refrigerator temperature, and on hot summer days it can be a bit cooler. Every beer needs a slightly different temperature to develop its full flavour. With thermostats you can therefore adjust the cooling perfectly to "your" type. A Pils tastes best at seven to nine degrees, while stronger types such as strong beers can be a little warmer, lighter ales a little cooler.

Beer should always have the right temperature, not too warm, not too cold. If the beer is too warm, too much froth is produced. That is why there are numerous cooling systems. With thermostats you then check whether the drink has reached the desired temperature.

Beers should never be cooled or heated too quickly. The trick of putting beer in the freezer for a short time is therefore not recommended. It is better to use thermostats to ensure the ideal temperature from the outset. Beer is best stored in cool and dark surroundings, for example in the cellar. Here, too, it is essential to ensure the correct ambient temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions About Thermostats

What is a thermostat?

  • A thermostat is a device that is used to control the temperature of a cooling or heating system. It works by sensing the temperature and then activating or deactivating the system to maintain the desired temperature.

What types of thermostats are available?

  • There are several types of thermostats available, including digital thermostats, programmable thermostats, and manual thermostats. Digital thermostats offer precise temperature control, while programmable thermostats allow you to set different temperatures for different times of the day. Manual thermostats are the simplest type of thermostat and require manual adjustment to change the temperature.

What should I consider when choosing a thermostat?

  • When choosing a thermostat, you should consider the type of cooling or heating system you have, the size of the area you want to control the temperature in, and your budget. You should also consider the features you need, such as programmable settings or remote control capabilities.
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