Ice bucket

Ice bucket

Whether cocktails, long drinks or soft drinks - many drinks only taste really good when they are ice bucket. Ice bucketand crushed ice should therefore not be missing at private celebrations or when serving drinks in restaurants.

In order to keep the ice within reach, it is advisable to use a suitable ice cube tray. If you are looking for a new ice bucket, you will find it in our shop. It's best to buy your new ice cream container directly online and have your order conveniently delivered.

Ice bucket - the most important things at a glance

  • With the right ice bucket, you always have the ice bucket to cool your drinks within reach.
  • Ice bucket trays are available in various sizes and designs, making it easy to find a suitable model.
  • Ice bucket trays with a lid and good insulation ensure that your ice bucket keep their shape for as long as possible.
  • With ice bucket molds for the freezer compartment, you have the opportunity to make small quantities of ice bucket yourself in an uncomplicated way.
  • In our shop you will find a selection of high-quality ice cube trays that you can conveniently buy online and have delivered.
  • Why you should buy an ice bucket tray

    If you want to enjoy cold drinks alone or with friends, ice bucket are often indispensable, especially in the warm months of the year. Whether juice, water and lemonades or alcoholic beverages such as cocktails - with a few ice bucket you can reliably ensure the perfect drinking temperature in summer.

    So that your ice bucket do not melt immediately after taking them out of the freezer, it makes sense to store them in an ice bucket tray. In such an ice container, the ice is protected from the heat, so that it can be used up in peace, even at outdoor celebrations.

    So, as you can see, buying an ice bucket is definitely a good choice. Both at private celebrations and when serving cold drinks in the catering trade, a suitable ice bucket tray can be a significant relief. If you don't already have an ice bucket, you should definitely consider changing that as soon as possible. A selection of high-quality models can be found in our shop if required.

    What types of ice bucket are available?

    When buying an ice bucket tray, you can choose from a wide range. You can choose from models in various sizes, different shapes and different materials. In addition, the available ice cream containers differ in terms of their equipment, among other things.

    Ice bucket tray with lid

    Ice bucket trays with lids are particularly popular and practical. They allow the ice cubes to be stored well protected so that, depending on the model, they sometimes provide sufficient cooling for a few hours. This is especially true if the ice cube tray has a lid, good insulation or even a removable cooling insert.

    Ice cube tray with good insulation

    If you primarily want to keep the price as low as possible, you can buy a simple plastic ice cream container. On the other hand, if you want your ice cream to last as long as possible, you shouldn't go for the cheapest ice bucket you can find.

    Instead, opt for a high-quality, double-walled ice bucket made of stainless steel. Alternatively, you can also buy an ice bucket tray that comes with a plastic or glass insert. Such models offer significantly better insulation than single-walled ice buckets. In combination with a lid, this ensures that your ice bucket do not start to melt as quickly after you have taken them out of the freezer and put them in the ice bucket.

    If you want to go one step further, you can even buy an ice bucket tray that has a removable cooling element if required. In this way, your ice bucket stay in shape even hours after being removed from the freezer, so that nothing stands in the way of a relaxed get-together with ice-cold drinks.

    Ice cube trays made of different materials

    When looking for an ice bucket, you will quickly find that you can not only choose from different sizes, but also from different materials. In addition to classic ice bucket made of plastic, you can also opt for an ice bucket bucket made of glass or stainless steel. Of course, both usually look much more elegant than a simple plastic model.

    Basically, of course, your personal taste decides which variant you prefer.

    Durable stainless steel ice bucket

    An ice cream container made of stainless steel is not only characterized by an attractive design, but also by its robustness. You can therefore count on it to last longer compared to a plastic model. This applies at least if the ice bucket is actually made entirely of stainless steel and is not equipped with a plastic insert.

    What is important with plastic ice bucket?

    In principle, an ice cube tray made of plastic can also convince with quality and good stability. However, when buying, make sure that the model of your choice is BPA-free. BPA (bisphenol A) is a plasticizer that is found in many plastic products and is suspected of promoting various health problems.

    This is of course particularly problematic for products that come into direct contact with food, such as ice cream containers. We therefore recommend that you give preference to BPA-free ice bucket whenever possible. In this context, keep in mind that ice buckets that are actually made of stainless steel with a plastic insert should also be BPA-free.

    How big should an ice bucket be?

    Of course, it is not possible to say in general which size is the right one. Because it all depends on what you want to buy an ice bucket tray for and how much ice you usually need.

    Common ice buckets usually have a capacity of 0.75 to 2 liters. If that's not enough for you, you can easily find ice cube trays with a volume of three or even four liters. It should therefore not be difficult for you to find a model whose size is just right for your purposes.

    Additional features of the ice bin

    In many cases, a high-quality ice bucket container does not just include a lid. In addition, ice bucket often have handles that make them easier to carry. There is also a model with an included ice tong. With this, the ice bucket can be easily removed from the ice bucket and filled into the glasses.

    Some ice bucket are also equipped with a strainer insert. This has the task of allowing the meltwater to drain away.

    Ice bucket molds for the freezer

    In addition to ice bucket trays, which are intended for cooling finished ice bucket, there are also ice bucket molds with which you can make ice bucket yourself. The molds are usually made of plastic or silicone. They are filled with tap water and placed in the freezer.

    After a few hours the water will be frozen and you can take your fresh ice bucket straight out of the ice bucket mold to cool your drinks with them. Ice bucket molds are available both with and without a lid. For ease of use, we recommend buying a model with a lid. This ensures that you don't spill the water on the way from the sink to the freezer compartment.

    In addition to conventional molds that can be used to make classic ice bucket, there are also ice bucket molds that you can use to give the ice for your drinks unusual shapes. From spheres to hearts and blossoms to skulls, there is practically everything here. If conventional ice bucket are too boring for you, you can easily give the ice for your drinks a very special look and make your drinks a real eye-catcher.

    Give your ice bucket that certain something

    If you're bored with water ice bucket, there are several ways to change that. For example, use your ice bucket molds to freeze fruit juice or add fruit such as raspberries or a piece of lemon to your ice bucket before freezing. This not only looks great, but also gives your drinks that certain extra taste. So feel free to be creative and try out what you like in this regard.

    Where does the ice for the ice bucket cooler come from?

    You can either buy the ice for your ice bucket or make it yourself with the appropriate ice bucket machine. The latter is particularly worthwhile if you regularly need larger quantities of ice bucket or crushed ice. If you only want to cool your own drink with one or two ice bucket from time to time, the ice bucket molds just mentioned are sufficient to ensure sufficient supplies.

    How do I find the right ice bucket tray?

    As you can see, there are a number of things to consider when purchasing your new ice bucket. After all, you want to be sure that the ice bucket of your choice meets your requirements as best as possible and gives you many years of everyday pleasure.

    The following points are particularly important when purchasing the ice cream container:

  • A good build quality for a long service life
  • The size of the ice bucket
  • The material the ice bucket is made of
  • The best possible insulation
  • Additional equipment such as lid and ice tongs
  • Ultimately, of course, you have to decide for yourself how important the points mentioned are to you. Nevertheless, it is worth considering them when making a purchase decision and not just paying attention to the price of the ice cream container.

    Buy cheap ice bucket trays online

    If you want to buy a new ice bucket tray, you've come to the right place. In our shop you will find a selection of high-quality models to choose from.

    Order your ice cube tray conveniently online and have your purchase delivered to you quickly and reliably. With the right ice bucket, you will always have ice bucket or crushed ice to hand for your drinks.