Glass Cleaning SPÜLBOY®

Perfectly clean glasses thanks to a Spülboy glass washer

Clean glasses are indispensable in the catering trade. When cleaning, however, it is not only cleanliness that counts, but also easy handling and a fast rinse as possible. Fortunately, this is not a problem with the right glass washer, which should be part of the basic equipment of every counter.In our shop, for example, you will find the popular Spülboy, which promises you perfect cleaning results, as well as suitable spare parts for the Spülboy and other accessories, such as brush cleaner for your glass washer.

Without a suitable glasswasher it will not work

Hygiene is of great importance in the catering trade. Apart from regular cleaning of the tap, this also includes clean glasses. After all, only a perfectly rinsed glass makes it possible to enjoy beer perfectly. Beverage and cleaning agent residues or lipstick marks, however, can falsify the taste of freshly tapped beer. In addition, you will certainly not leave a good impression on your guests in this way. Because if you had to drink from a dirty glass once, or if you have noticed the taste of cleaning agents in your beer, you will probably not come back again. It is therefore essential that you buy a suitable glass washer to clean your glasses. This will enable you to rinse particularly quickly and thoroughly, so that you not only save time but also leave a good impression on your guests.

Why you are right with the Spülboy

There are many different glass washers from different manufacturers. The dishwasher boy enjoys a particularly good reputation among these. In view of the numerous advantages that the glass washing machines of this brand have to offer, this is not surprising either. Because by using a Spülboy you can be sure that your glasses will always be optimally cleaned. Neither traces of lipstick nor grease residues cause problems for the handy devices. At the same time, the use of a Spülboy proves to be water-saving. This is because the water only flows with this washer when a glass is being rinsed. At the same time, you can be sure that even delicate glass decoration will be preserved in the best possible way, because the washerboy only needs low temperatures when cleaning your glasses. The glass washer can be connected very easily, so that it is practically ready for its first use. In addition, maintenance and cleaning of the glass washer itself does not cause any major problems. Because the individual components of the

Washing up boys, such as dishwashing brushes or impact protection rings, can be removed and cleaned with just a few hand grips, or replaced with a spare part if required.

Spülboy spare parts for an uncomplicated repair

The Spülboy is characterised by its robust construction and the associated long service life. This does not mean, however, that you can do without spare parts in the long term. Wearing parts such as dishwashing brushes inevitably have to be changed from time to time to ensure proper functioning and good dishwashing performance. With the right Spülboy spare parts from our shop, however, this does not present a major challenge. Simply select the spare part you need for your Spülboy, and replace it on your glasswasher with a few simple steps.

Order your Spülboy glass washer online

Order your Spülboy glasswasher simply online. Because with us you do not only benefit from favourable prices, but also from fast and reliable delivery, so that you can start washing your glasses soon. If you are looking for suitable spare parts for your Spülboy, you have also come to the right place. Whether you are looking for brushes, valve tubes or suction feet - in our shop you will find everything you need for the repair of your Spülboy.