Installation and cleaning services for your tap and dispensing system  is a popular supplier of tapping and dispensing systems as an online shop throughout the EU, but we also work for you on site. Thanks to our broad network of installation partners, we are represented in Great Britain with over 50 locations for you.

We are happy to provide the following services for you:

  1. Installation of dispensing systems, dispensing towers and dispensing accessories of all kinds
  2. Hygiene control and cleaning and servicing of tapping and dispensing equipment.
  3. We use chemical-mechanical cleaning with acidic and alkaline cleaning agents and mechanical cleaning with cleaning sponges and brushes.
  4. cleaning and disinfection of the bar dispensing equipment
  5. Cleaning of beer lines from the inside and outside
  6. Cleaning and disinfection, maintenance of tap heads and taps
  7. Problem analysis and repair of tapping and dispensing equipment
  8. Condition assessment of tapping and dispensing equipment
  9. Checking of documentation
  10. Leak tests
  11. Construction and installation of tapping and dispensing systems, pressure and tap settings

Please contact us at: or +49 (5151) 87798 - 10 or simply use the contact form.

We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. 

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