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John Guest

Looking for high-quality accessories to take your beer dispensing to the next level? Look no further than John Guest. Our selection of John Guest hoses, connectors, and beer line cleaning supplies is sure to impress even the most discerning beer enthusiasts.


The right hose makes all the difference when it comes to beer dispensing. That's why we offer a wide selection of high-quality hoses to suit your needs. Our John Guest hoses are designed to provide reliable and efficient performance, ensuring that your beer stays fresh and delicious from keg to glass.

John Guest Beverage Technology

John Guest is a manufacturer of high quality hoses and connectors for various applications. In addition to products for heating and sanitary, compressed air and pneumatics
as well as products for special applications, the company also produces a wide range of products for beverage technology.

Hoses from John Guest

When tapping beer, use only suitable beer line tubing with the appropriate diameter. In our range you will find both compressed air hoses and beer hoses from John Guest.
Beer hoses must be food-safe. This ensures that the beer cannot become contaminated when it comes into contact with the hose. Of course this is the case with the hoses from John Guest Beverage Technology, so that nothing stands in the way of perfect beer enjoyment.

Screw and plug connections from John Guest

In order to connect beer or compressed air hoses to the tap system or to connect with each other, of course you also need the right connections. Depending on requirements, you can use plug or screw connections from John Guest.
In addition, in our John Guest shop there are straight connections as well as angle connectors as well as triple distributors and T-connectors for that Connecting your tap system available.
To optimally secure the plug connections on your hoses, it is best to use a suitable locking ring from the range of John Guest Beverage Technology.

John Guest Beverage Technology - proven quality for your dispensing system

Whether hoses, adapters or connections - with John Guest Beverage Technology you make a good decision in any case for connecting your dispensing system. The range of the
manufacturer is characterized by high quality. The products for beverage technology are not only food-safe, but also robust, so that you can rely on the longest possible

Buy John Guest Beverage Technology products

You can buy numerous John Guest products in our shop. These include other beer hoses, plug connections, screw connections and locking rings in various formats and sizes.