Distillation for hydrosols, essential oils, water and other uses

Distillation systems or stills are available in different designs. They can be used for different purposes and, for example, for the production of distilled water or essential oils.

In addition, schnapps can of course also be distilled with suitable stills. However, private individuals are not allowed to do this in every country. If you are planning to buy a distillation to burn alcohol with it, it is therefore important that you familiarize yourself with the legal regulations in your country.

If you want to buy a still, for example because you want to produce essential oils or distilled water, you have come to the right place in our online shop. We offer you a range of high-quality stills from which you can choose and deliver your new distillation to your home quickly and reliably.

The most important information about stills at a glance

  • Distillation systems can be used, for example, for distilling schnapps and for producing distilled water and essential oils.
  • Even if it is theoretically possible to build a distillation yourself, buying a finished device usually makes more sense.
  • In Germany, private individuals are not allowed to buy or operate stills that are intended for the production or purification of alcohol.
  • When buying a distillation that is subject to approval, the buyer must find out about the laws of his country and send us his approval.
  • We offer you a selection of high quality stills for the production of distilled water, hydrosols, aromas, essential oils and similar purposes.

What is meant by distillation?

During distillation, substances that are difficult to evaporate are separated from liquids that are easy to evaporate. The devices that are used for this purpose are called stills.

The starting mixture is heated during distillation. This creates steam that rises in the device and is then cooled down again. This creates a liquid condensate that can be collected in a collecting container provided for this purpose.

Distillation can be used for a number of different purposes. With a still, for example, spirits can be distilled or distilled water, hydrosols and essential oils can be produced.

The basic functionality is always the same. Depending on the exact purpose of use, the stills used differ quite significantly from each other. Mini stills, with which smaller amounts of essential oils can be distilled at home, are of course much smaller than those stills that are used in schnapps distilleries.

What material is a distillation made of?

Distilleries are made from different materials. Very often they are made of copper, for example. Because of the special properties of the metal, this applies above all to professional devices that are used, for example, in schnapps distilleries. Apart from that, there are also stills that are made of stainless steel.

Distilleries for the production of essential oils

Essential oils are available in countless variations. Depending on the properties of the oils, they can be used for very different purposes. Essential oils are very often used, for example, in the manufacture of cosmetic products or perfumes. Apart from that, they are known to have a firm place in the field of naturopathy. In addition, essential oils can be used for fragrance lamps and in some cases even as technical solvents.

Essential oils can be made using different processes. They can be obtained with the help of extraction or with the help of a suitable distillation by steam distillation.

Distilleries for making essential oils are becoming increasingly popular. Many people now use scented and aroma stills to distillation essential oils with these for private use.

Distillation plant for hydrosols

With the help of aroma and fragrance stills, not only essential oils can be distilled. In addition, so-called hydrosols can also be obtained with them. Hydrosols have a much milder effect than essential oils. Depending on the plant extracts they contain, they can be used, for example, for skin, mouth and hair care or as a room fragrance.

With a little practice, the necessary knowledge and the right still, you will soon be able to distillation your own hydrosols and essential oils without any problems.

Water stills

Distilled water is ordinary water that has been distilled to remove trace elements, ions and other impurities. Distilled water is used, for example, in medicine or pharmacy as a solvent and cleaning agent. If the distilled water has to be very pure because of its intended use, it is distilled not just once, but twice or three times.

With a water distiller, distilled water can also be produced very easily within your own four walls. Water stills basically work just like other stills. The water in the distillation is first evaporated by heating. This creates water vapor. The rising steam cools down and becomes liquid water again, which is then finally collected in a collecting container provided for this purpose.

Simple water stills, which are intended for private use in the household, for example, are usually very easy to operate, so that you shouldn't have any problems using such a device.

Buy still: take legal regulations into account

One can read again and again that private individuals in Germany are allowed to use so-called mini stills, the volume of which does not exceed half a liter, in order to burn alcohol. However, that is not the truth. Because the distillation of alcohol is only allowed in cap and severance distilleries.

This regulation has been in effect since 01/01/2018. It replaces the previously valid regulations that had to be observed in the private operation of small distilling devices. Anyone who has bought such a distillation with a maximum burning volume of 0.5 liters by December 31, 2017 at the latest does not have to hand it in. However, it may no longer be used to purify or extract alcohol.

Private individuals are therefore only allowed to buy and operate distilleries in Germany that are not intended for alcohol production or alcohol purification. This applies, for example, to stills for essential oils or to water stills.

Regardless of this, it is mandatory to register stills with a capacity of more than two liters no later than three days after receipt. The registration must be made at the responsible main customs office and contain at least information on the volume and type of still, the installation location, the intended use and the data of the seller.

The distillation of alcohol is not without risk

Regardless of the existing legal restrictions that must be observed when operating a still, you should in any case bear in mind that the distillation of alcohol in particular harbors various risks. Mistakes in distilling cannot simply make the alcohol inedible in terms of taste. In addition, they can even cause it to pose a serious health hazard. It therefore makes no doubt that only professional companies are allowed to distillation schnapps.

Providing evidence for a distillation plant subject to approval

As a customer, it is your responsibility to obtain information about the laws that apply in this regard in your country and, if necessary, to contact the relevant authorities such as customs before buying a still.

If you want to buy a distillation that requires approval in our shop, we need a copy of your license in advance, or the registration of the distillation by email. If we do not have the necessary documents, it is not possible to purchase a corresponding distillation from us.

Build your own still: is that possible?

It is of course not absolutely necessary to buy a still. If you are interested in the subject of distillation, you can also build your own distillation and save some money compared to buying it.

If you want to build a simple distillation yourself, in addition to a distillation you basically only need a cooler, a helmet and a riser pipe. Thanks to the properties it is said to have, copper is particularly popular as a material for stills. It is therefore often used for self-made distillation systems. Nonetheless, there are alternatives to copper. For example, a stainless steel pot can be used as a pot still.

Depending on what the self-made distillation is to be used for, the exact requirements for the device vary, of course. It is also crucial that you approach your construction project with the necessary care. Among other things, make sure that the pipes have the correct diameter so that nothing stands in the way of the safe operation of your self-made distillation and that dangerous accidents do not occur during use.

Also consider in advance that it is not that easy to build a functioning distillation yourself. For this reason, we advise you to better buy a distillation suitable for your purposes. So you can be sure that the distillation works really smoothly and that the quality of the individual parts leaves nothing to be desired.

Buy stills: what should you watch out for?

If you are going to buy a still, it is important that you keep a few points in mind. Because of course you should enjoy your purchase for as long as possible. Therefore, make absolutely sure that the distillation of your choice is actually suitable for the purpose you intend to use and that the quality of the device is convincing.

In addition, you must inform yourself before buying whether the corresponding distillation is notifiable in your country or is subject to other restrictions. This is the only way you can be sure that you are really allowed to buy and use the distillation and that you do not face any unnecessary problems, such as a fine.

Buy high-quality distillation equipment and have it delivered

If you want to buy a distillation so that you can, for example, distillation your own aromatic oils in the future, you will surely find it in our shop. Our range offers you various high-quality distillation systems from which you can choose a suitable model.

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