Water taps

Water taps: high-quality fittings for kitchen and bathroom

Whether kitchen or bathroom - water taps should not be missing in any building. They are available in countless shapes and designs, so that a suitable model is available for practically all requirements.

If you need a new tap, it is best to take a look at our range. There you will find high-quality taps that you can conveniently buy online and have delivered.

The most important facts about the water taps at a glance

  • A cold water tap has only one connection, with which it is connected to the cold water pipe of the domestic installation.
  • A tap that can be used to mix hot and cold water is called a mixer tap.
  • Before purchasing, it is necessary to check, among other things, whether a high-pressure or low-pressure tap is required.
  • Taps for the kitchen are also available with an integrated dish spray, for example, if required.
  • In the bathroom, taps are not only used on washbasins, but also on showers, bathtubs and bidets.
  • A single-lever mixer only has a control element for regulating the water quantity and temperature.
  • You can buy high-quality taps in different designs online in our shop.

What is a water taps?

A water tap is an outlet fitting that can be used to regulate the amount of water that comes out. Water taps are used for different purposes, which is why their flow rate differs considerably in some cases.

Apart from that, water taps come in very different shapes, sizes and equipment variants. Depending on individual requirements and local conditions, you have the choice, for example, between so-called cold water taps, single-lever mixers, two-lever mixers or also taps that are equipped with a sensor or a flexible dish spray.

In addition, you will inevitably come across the terms high-pressure tap and low-pressure tap during your search for a new tap. We explain when which variant is the right one when buying a tap a little further down this page.

Tap for cold water

Hot tap water is not always absolutely necessary. Sometimes cold water is perfectly sufficient or it is not possible to provide hot water due to the lack of a central water supply in combination with the lack of space for a boiler.

In this case, you can install a simple cold water tap. Such a model has only one connection point, where it is connected to the water connection in the wall with a water hose.

The installation of such a cold water tap, which is available in numerous different designs for kitchens, bathrooms or even outdoor areas, is uncomplicated and usually succeeds without problems with care and a little craftsmanship.

Mixer taps: Water faucet for cold and hot water

In addition to simple taps for cold water, there are also models with which both cold and hot water can be drawn from the tap. This variant is called a mixer tap because the mixing of hot and cold water is done directly in the tap.

Mixer taps are the norm, at least in Germany. In other countries, however, separate taps for cold and hot water are still the norm.

The use of a mixer tap has the great advantage that users can always choose for themselves which water temperature they prefer at any given time and do not have to decide between hot and cold water.

When buying a tap or mixer tap, there are countless different models to choose from. You can buy single-lever mixers, models with two controls or mixers with an integrated dish spray.

Apart from that, a distinction must also be made between so-called high-pressure and low-pressure mixers. High-pressure fittings are always used if the building has a central water treatment system. You can recognise this in particular by the fact that there are two connections in the wall.

If, on the other hand, the water is heated by a boiler, you need a so-called low-pressure fitting. You will recognise this by the fact that there is only one connection for cold water on the wall.

Apart from that, high-pressure and low-pressure taps can be easily distinguished by the number of connections on the tap. High-pressure fittings have two connections for water hoses. Low-pressure fittings, on the other hand, have three.

Faucet for the kitchen

In the kitchen, the water tap is an indispensable part of the sink. It doesn't matter whether you have a dishwasher or not. With the help of the tap, you can fill cooking pots with water, wash dishes by hand or wash fruit and vegetables in the kitchen.

A kitchen tap is often referred to as a kitchen faucet. There is a large selection of different designs, so you are sure to find a suitable model for your sink.

If you need a tap for your kitchen, it may be a good idea to buy a model with a pull-out or swivel dish spray, depending on the local conditions. This is particularly practical if you regularly wash dishes by hand or want to wash vegetables such as lettuce in your sink.

Faucet for the bathroom

Just like in the kitchen, a tap is of course also indispensable in the bathroom. It is installed there at least at the washbasin, so that running water is always available for washing hands and brushing teeth. Apart from that, bathtubs are also usually equipped with a tap so that hot water can easily be let in for a relaxing bath.

As with taps for the kitchen, the choice of taps for the bathroom is also very wide. Depending on what is particularly important to you and where exactly you want to install your tap in the bathroom, you can choose from a wide range of solutions.

For example, a tap also known as a washbasin tap is available both as a single-lever mixer and as a two-lever mixer. Apart from that, there are of course also mixer taps for wall installation, which are mainly used for showers and bathtubs.

Single-lever mixers: practical and economical

In addition to features such as shape, taps can also be distinguished by their operation. So-called single-lever mixers, for example, are taps that are equipped with a single operating element.

The operating element of the single-lever mixer is used to regulate the amount of water. On the other hand, it can be turned to the left and right to set the temperature of the water coming out of the tap.

One of the distinguishing features of single-lever mixers is their ease of use, which requires only one hand. In addition to the amount of water, the temperature in particular can be adjusted very quickly and precisely. This not only proves to be particularly practical in everyday life. It also contributes to the fact that water consumption is generally lower when using a single-lever mixer, as there is no need to spend a long time trying to find the right mixture of hot and cold water.

Two-lever mixers: often the first choice for restaurateurs

Although single-lever mixers undoubtedly offer some advantages, two-lever mixers are still very popular. Especially in the catering trade, this variant of the tap is often the first choice.

As the name suggests, a two-lever mixer is a mixer tap that has two separate controls for regulating the hot and cold water supply. This can sometimes make it a little difficult to achieve the desired water temperature.

Taps and sound insulation

Modern taps for the kitchen and bathroom are equipped with sound insulation. This keeps their operating volume manageable so that they are not a nuisance in everyday life and do not cause noise pollution to neighbours, for example, even when installed in apartment buildings.

What to consider when buying a water taps

When looking for a new tap, you will quickly realise that the choice of different models is huge. In principle, this is a positive thing. At the same time, however, the large selection also makes it difficult to find a suitable tap that meets your own ideas as well as your local requirements.

To make sure you choose the right tap, there are a few things to consider when buying. This is the only way to ensure that your new tap does its job as intended and that there are no unnecessary problems or even water damage after installation.

The following questions must be answered in any case before buying the tap:

  • Where is the tap to be installed (bathroom or kitchen)?
  • Is hot water available or is a cold water tap sufficient?
  • Is a high-pressure or low-pressure tap required?
  • Should the new tap be a single-lever mixer?
  • Are special functions, such as a dish spray, desired?

When buying a tap, look for quality

In addition to the points mentioned, it should probably go without saying that you should pay attention to good product quality when buying your tap. After all, low-quality materials and poor workmanship inevitably mean that the expected lifespan of your new tap will be relatively short.

You will therefore most likely have to replace the tap sooner than if you had chosen a high-quality model in the first place. This only costs money and time unnecessarily, which means that the joy of the supposed bargain is usually short-lived.

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