Lindr Beer Dispenser



Beer dispensing systems from Lindr

If you want to buy a new beer dispenser, you can choose between multiple well-known brands. One manufacturer whose dispensing systems should be familiar to every beer lover is Lindr.

The Czech company offers the right models for both private and professional use. If you are interested in Lindr dispensing systems, you can order them directly from our online shop.


Lindr - high quality dispensing technology since 1992

The Lindr company was founded in 1992. Mlos Lindr's company quickly made a name for itself thanks to sophisticated products. In the meantime, the small family company has long since become an internationally active manufacturer of dispensing systems.

In contrast to many other companies, Lindr still works exclusively with investors from the Czech Republic, so that there is still a certain reference to the company's original origins.


What makes Lindr dispensing systems so special

The beer dispensing systems from Lindr can convince both visually and in terms of quality. Anyone who chooses a dispensing system from the manufacturer usually has the choice between models with a classic wood look and devices made of chrome-plated stainless steel.

The right Lindr tap system is an optical highlight for every counter, with which beer tapping is a pleasure.

What applies to the design of the beer dispensing systems naturally also applies to the technology and quality of Lindr. Anyone who owns a device from the company's range can therefore look forward to a powerful dispenser with a long service life.


Various cooling systems from Lindr

Lindr produces dispensing systems that use different cooling systems. When you choose a Lindr beer dispenser, you can therefore choose the type of cooling that you personally prefer.

In addition to devices with water and contact cooling, the manufacturer's range also includes models with electrical cooling. You can therefore rest assured that you will find what you are looking for at Lindr dispensing systems regardless of your preferences and requirements.


Lindr dispensing systems for professionals

Lindr offers a wide range of high-performance dispensing systems for the catering industry. Some of the devices can draw up to 180 liters per hour.

That should be more than sufficient even at rush hour and it will allow you to serve perfectly chilled draft beer quickly and easily.

Thanks to their well thought-out design, Lindr's dispensing systems are also easy to maintain and clean, so that the quality and taste of the beer is not impaired by sediments in the beer hoses.


Lindr dispensing systems for private use

The use of Lindr tap systems is not exclusively reserved for restaurateurs. Because the range also includes some excellent devices for private use.

These are usually a bit lighter and more compact. In addition, of course, they do not have the same tapping capacity as professional dispensing systems.

Nevertheless, private individuals can also rely on their Lindr beer dispensing system, a high-quality, long-lasting model that knows how to impress with its sophisticated technology.


Lindr dispensing systems with diaphragm pumps

Tapping with CO2 is still the most widespread. Nonetheless, more and more people are trying dispensers without carbon dioxide. In this case too, Lindr naturally has the right devices on offer.

The company's range also includes a range of high-quality beer dispensing systems with diaphragm pumps. With these, fresh beer can be drawn completely without CO2.

Since some models with diaphragm pumps can impress with a high dispensing capacity of up to 50 liters per hour, these dispensing systems from Lindr are also suitable for professional use. Because even with a slightly higher number of guests, long waiting times at the bar counter should not be a problem.


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