Buy ashtrays: high-quality solutions for indoor and outdoor use

Ashtrays are known to be indispensable in many areas. This not only applies to public areas, such as smoking areas in restaurants, but also to many private households. Even some staunch non-smokers keep an ashtray ready in case a guest wants to indulge in their vice during their visit in the garden or on the balcony.

The selection of different models from wind ashtrays to ashtrays with lids to standing ashtrays for outdoors is large. However, we are sure that you will find a model in our range that optimally meets your requirements and ideas.

The most important things about ashtrays at a glance

  • Wind ashtrays or ashtrays with a lid are a good choice, especially for outdoor use.
  • Apart from wind ashtrays and ashtrays with lids, there are various other variants, some of which are even suitable for on the go.
  • With regard to the material, in addition to models made of glass and plastic, there are also models made of metal or ceramic to choose from.
  • Which ashtray is the right one depends primarily on the planned use and the place where it is to be set up.
  • If you are looking for suitable ashtrays, you will find a selection of different models in our range.

Ashtrays in different designs

If you want to buy a new ashtray, you will quickly find that you can choose from countless models in different shapes and sizes. The available range is by no means limited to simple, flat ashtrays.

In addition, there are the following types of ashtrays, among others:

  • Wind ashtray
  • Ashtray with lid
  • Standing ashtray
  • Travel ashtray
  • Wall ashtray

Wind ashtrays are versatile and particularly popular

When smoking outside, it is usually almost impossible to avoid the wind blowing ash around. A so-called wind ashtray can be used to prevent this from spreading everywhere, which non-smokers in particular quickly find annoying.

Wind ashtrays are available in very different designs. They are basically a bit taller than the simple ashtrays you may be familiar with from many beer gardens. As a result, the stubbed out cigarettes and the ash inside them are better protected from the wind and cannot be blown out as easily.

Some wind ashtrays are also equipped with an insert that you lift up briefly after stubbing out the cigarette. There are also models with lids in different shapes. In this way, additional protection against wind is guaranteed compared to wind ashtrays, which are simply a little higher.

Ashtray with lid for outside and inside

Ashtrays with a lid are particularly appreciated for the fact that they reliably protect the stubbed out cigarettes and their ash from the wind. A wind ashtray with a lid is therefore ideal for outdoor use, as it prevents its contents from simply being blown out.

In addition, ashtrays with lids can score with another big advantage. Because the lid not only protects against wind. At the same time, it also ensures that the contents of the ashtray cannot be seen, which of course looks much more appealing. The lid also helps to reduce unpleasant odors to a minimum if the ashtray is not emptied promptly after use.

Ashtrays with a lid are without a doubt a good choice and are rightly preferred to simple models without a lid.

Different types of lids for ashtrays

By the way, with regard to the type of lid, there are very different variants. Some have to be removed from the ashtray. Others are opened up for ashing.

Some ashtrays are also equipped with a special mechanism. If this is activated by pressing it, the lid moves down and rotates at the same time. The rotating movement transports the ash and cigarette butts into the interior of the ashtray.

As soon as you let go of it, the lid closes again by itself. This is of course practical and makes it particularly easy to use.

Standing ashtray: the ideal solution for public areas

It is not always possible or desirable for the ashtray to stand on a table or counter. In this case, the purchase of a standing ashtray is recommended. Such a standing ashtray is naturally much larger, so that it is of sufficient height and can be safely placed on the floor.

Standing ashtrays are available in various shapes with different features. For example, there are models that are filled with sand to counteract unpleasant odors from cigarette butts.

Apart from that, standing ashtrays with an integrated waste bin are also very popular. Such models can often be found in front of the entrances to supermarkets, for example. Of course, they can also be set up at other locations without any further ado. A big advantage of this variant is the space saving that it brings compared to the separate installation of a standing ashtray and a waste bin.

There are also standing ashtrays with lids. Just as with smaller ashtrays with a lid, which are placed on the table, for example, this also guarantees optimal protection against the wind.

Travel ashtray: practical companion for on the go

A travel ashtray or a pocket ashtray is particularly compact and is the ideal companion for smokers on the go. As with normal-sized ashtrays, there are also a large number of models in very different designs available for travel ashtrays.

For example, there are pocket ashtrays that open to reveal an opening for ashing when pulled apart, and travel ashtrays with a lid that can be opened. Some models are even equipped with a carabiner, similar to a key fob.

So it shouldn't be difficult for you to find a suitable compact ashtray for on the go that will convince you both in terms of quality and appearance. Of course, the pocket ashtray should be as odour-proof as possible so that it can be stowed in luggage or even in a jacket or trouser pocket without hesitation.

Wall-mounted ashtray: the space-saving alternative to standing models

As the name suggests, wall-mounted ashtrays are mounted on the wall. Compared to standing ashtrays, this variant has the main advantage that it is much more space-saving, although it can also be used standing.

A high-quality wall-mounted ashtray that is carefully attached to the wall will reliably do its job for many years. Depending on the local conditions, it is also advisable to use an ashtray with a lid so that the wind cannot simply blow out ashes and stubbed out cigarettes and spread them around.

Ashtrays made of different materials

Apart from the shape, size and features, ashtrays differ not least because of the material they are made of. Glass is still very popular. Especially simple, flat ashtrays are often made of glass, which can be both transparent and colored and is sometimes decorated.

There are also ashtrays made of plastic as well as models made of ceramic or metal. Of course, every material has its own advantages, which not only affect the look, but sometimes also the stability and longevity.

  • Ashtrays made of ceramics often score with their special look and sometimes with a striking, colorful design.
  • Models made of metal usually appear rather simple and modern.
  • Glass ashtrays can be both simple and striking in shape.
  • Plastic models are usually very inexpensive.

However, all of this does not necessarily have to be the case. For example, there are also ashtrays made of metal, whose eye-catching design makes them a real eye-catcher, or models made of ceramic, which are rather simple.

Matching ashtrays for all requirements

The large selection makes it sometimes difficult to decide on a specific model. On the other hand, it also ensures that there is at least one ashtray for every taste and every conceivable application that optimally meets the respective requirements.

What should you pay attention to when buying an ashtray?

Buying a suitable ashtray is certainly not an overly complicated task. However, there are a few points that you should consider when making your purchasing decision.

Above all, the intended purpose is important in this context. For outdoor use, for example, it is advisable to buy an ashtray with a lid or a wind ashtray. This will prevent the ashes from being blown across the table by the wind. This is not only more hygienic, but also reduces the cleaning effort.

If you plan to use the ashtray while standing or walking past, a standing ashtray is the right choice. Depending on the space available on site, it may also be possible to attach an ashtray to the wall in this case.

If you are a non-smoker and only have smokers as guests from time to time, a very simple ashtray made of glass or plastic or an inexpensive ashtray with a lid is usually sufficient.

Buy high-quality ashtrays cheap online

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We therefore have no doubt that you will be completely satisfied with your new ashtray from our online shop.

A high-quality wall-mounted ashtray that is carefully attached to the wall will reliably do its job for many years. Depending on the local conditions, it is also advisable to use an ashtray with a lid so that the wind cannot simply blow out ashes and stubbed out cigarettes and spread them around.