Sparkling water maker


Water dispenser for a professional serving

Water is good for health and the most popular commodity in the world. However, carrying heavy water containers can sometimes be extremely annoying.

Sparkling water dispenser are the perfect solution in this case. Because they allow their users to serve refreshing sparkling water in any quantity at any time without much effort.

There is a large selection of soda makers and soda water devices available in our online shop, so you are sure to find a suitable model that meets your requirements.

Soda water from the soda maker is particularly inexpensive

Especially when compared with expensive branded water, soda water from a soda maker usually proves to be an inexpensive alternative. After all, the device is operated with tap water, which of course only costs a fraction of the cost of bottled water.

For the sake of completeness, however, it should be mentioned at this point that the water bill is not the only cost factor when using a soda maker. In addition to the expensive purchase of the device, there are of course ongoing costs for operating the soda maker.

Nevertheless, sparkling soda water is in most cases significantly cheaper, without you or your guests having to compromise on the taste or quality of the water served.

Powerful soda maker for the catering trade

The selection of sparkling water makers is large. Compact devices for home use in particular have become very popular in recent years. However, such a soda maker is of course not comparable to devices used in the catering industry.

The corresponding models, which are often equipped with a plastic bottle for the sparkling water, do not have sufficient performance to serve a larger number of guests at an appropriate speed.

When purchasing a sparkling water maker, it is therefore essential to take into account the intended use and the associated requirements.

If the device is planned to be used in a catering establishment or if the device is to be set up in a company, for example, so that it is accessible to a larger number of employees, a correspondingly powerful soda maker is of course preferred.

How a carbonated water maker works

There are very different types of soda makers. However, their functionality is always quite similar. To put it simply, carbon dioxide is simply pumped into the water at high pressure to produce sparkling water. A small part of the carbon dioxide reacts with the water and becomes carbonic acid, which gives the soda water the desired fizz.

While cheap soda makers for home use are usually equipped with a plastic or glass bottle into which the tap water must be poured before sparkling, with professional devices the soda water can be filled directly into a glass or cup .

Sparkling water maker with integrated cooling

Very few people like to drink lukewarm water. Professional sparkling water makers therefore not only offer the possibility of carbonating water, but also enable it to be cooled at the same time.

In our online shop you will find models with very different performance. In addition to smaller devices that can serve around 20 to 25 liters of cold soda water per hour, we also offer sparkling water makers with an output of 120 or even 150 liters per hour. With these you are ideally equipped to handle a high volume of guests without major delays, even during peak times.

Clean the carbonated water maker regularly

At first, the issue of hygiene when it comes to sparkling water makers is easily neglected. After all, only water flows through the pipe of such a device. Accordingly, there shouldn't actually be any contamination.

However, this is a fallacy. Germs and bacteria can also settle in a sparkling water maker over time. In addition, sooner or later calcification can occur, which affects the taste of the water and the lifespan of the soda maker.

Who needs a carbonated water maker?

In principle, soda makers are not absolutely necessary for private use. However, smaller devices can prove to be practical and eliminate the need to regularly purchase and transport heavy water containers.

In addition, soda makers are also suitable for use in fitness studios, hospitals, offices and public buildings, for example. There you can help employees, customers or visitors.