Cataplana copper pots - the special cookware for Mediterranean dishes

Cataplana copper pots are a very special piece of cookware that has become increasingly popular with us in recent years and is no longer just used in traditional Portuguese cuisine.

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Cataplana copper pots - the most important things at a glance

  • The Cataplana is a traditional cookware from Portugal that is used to steam cook food.
  • In addition to cataplanas made of copper, there are now also models made of aluminum, some of which are even coated with Teflon on the inside.
  • If you want to cook with the Cataplana on a normal stove, make sure that the model in question has a flat base.
  • If the Cataplana is to be used on an induction cooker, you must ensure that the model is suitable when purchasing it.
  • With the right care and careful handling, you can ensure that the Cataplana copper pot lasts as long as possible.
  • The dishes prepared in the traditional pots offer a great variety of flavors and are also called Cataplana.
  • In our shop you can buy high-quality Cataplana copper pots, which we can conveniently deliver to the address of your choice.

What is a cataplana?

The Cataplana is a traditional cookware from Portugal. It basically consists of two pans. These are connected to each other with a hinge. There are fasteners on the sides of the Cataplana with which it can be closed tightly. This allows the food prepared in it to be steamed slowly at low temperatures. This leads to a unique taste that has not only caused enthusiasm in Portugal for a long time.

How the Cataplana works

Since the Cataplana is tightly closed when cooking, the food is gently steamed in it. As a result, they are not only prepared healthily. In addition, their taste is optimally preserved. During cooking, the flavors of the different ingredients mix together, making the finished dishes a really great taste experience.

What material is a cataplana made of?

Cataplanas were originally made from zinc. Over time, however, they began to be made of copper. This is basically still the case today. However, the Portuguese pressure cooker has long been available in other materials. For example, Cataplanas are now also available in aluminium. Some of them are then also coated with Teflon on the inside, which should ensure a longer service life.

Why a copper cataplana is a good choice

Copper has long been used in the manufacture of cookware. Even if other materials such as stainless steel and aluminum are much more common today, copper pots are still very popular, especially in the professional sector.

When used as a material for cookware, copper has the advantage, among other things, that it has very good thermal conductivity and reacts quickly to changes in temperature. This makes it possible to cook food particularly evenly and to the point with pots made of copper.

For which herd is the Cataplana suitable?

A traditional Cataplana copper pot has a round bottom. Of course, such a model cannot be used on a modern cooker that has a glass-ceramic hob, for example. For this purpose, however, there are cataplanas that are equipped with a flat base so that they have a secure footing when cooking.

It is therefore easily possible, despite a modern kitchen, to rely on traditional cookware from Portugal and thus enjoy the very special taste that this preparation method brings with it.

Can the Cataplana also be used on an induction cooker?

Induction cookers allow quick regulation of the cooking temperature. They are also energy efficient, which is why more and more people are choosing to buy an induction cooker over a traditional electric cooker.

However, a classic Cataplana made entirely of copper is not suitable for cooking on an induction hob. In the meantime, however, there are also models in which this is the case. So if you own an induction cooker and would like to buy a Cataplana, you need to make sure that the model you choose is suitable for it.

What dishes can be prepared in the Cataplana?

The dishes prepared in the Cataplana are also referred to as Cataplana. The traditional Portuguese cooking pot proves to be extremely versatile. It is particularly suitable for the preparation of fish and seafood. Apart from that, a Cataplana can also be used to cook meat and vegan dishes without any problems.

With a little creativity and practice, you can always conjure up new dishes on the table with your Cataplana and then enjoy them together with your family or friends. If you like Mediterranean flavors, you're sure to love cooking with a Cataplana copper pot.

Cataplana copper pots need maintenance

In order to enjoy your Cataplana copper pot for as long as possible, it is important that you pay a little attention to care. To keep the copper shiny, it may be necessary to polish the Cataplana from time to time.

Also, do not clean your Cataplana copper pot in the dishwasher, but wash it by hand. Also, refrain from reaching for cleaning utensils such as steel wool when rinsing, as these can scratch the copper very easily. Of course, this also applies when cooking, where you should avoid metal cutlery and instead use a wooden spoon, for example.

By following these simple rules and taking care of your Cataplana, you will ensure that you can enjoy the copper pot for as long as possible and use it again and again to prepare great Mediterranean dishes.

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