Copper pans

Copper pans - high-quality cookware for discerning cooks

It is well known that most pans are not made of copper. Nevertheless, many professionals prefer to use copper pans because they offer particularly even heat distribution and also react very quickly to changes in temperature on the right stove.

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The most important things about copper pans at a glance

  • Due to their special properties, copper pans are very popular with professional chefs in particular.
  • In order to maintain their attractive shine over the long term, it is necessary to polish copper pans regularly.
  • Copper pans impress with very even heat distribution, so food can be cooked evenly in them.
  • The advantages of a copper pan are particularly effective on gas stoves.
  • If a copper pan is to be used on an induction cooker, it must have a ferromagnetic coating.
  • In order to prevent the copper from reacting with the food, copper pans are normally provided with a thin coating.
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Copper pans: quality for professional chefs and discerning hobby cooks

Most pans today are made of aluminum or stainless steel. However, copper pans still play an important role, especially in French cuisine. They are quite expensive and are therefore mainly used by professional chefs. They are usually not absolutely necessary for private use, although ambitious hobby cooks naturally also appreciate the positive properties of a copper pan.

Copper pans need regular care

Basically, copper pans are very durable. However, they quickly lose their luster when used on the stove. In order to restore this, it is necessary to regularly polish copper pans. This is not absolutely necessary after each use of the pans. Nevertheless, polishing is of course associated with a workload that should not be underestimated, which is not the case with other types of pans.

In addition, copper pans should not be cleaned in the dishwasher. At least that is the case if you are not dealing with a stainless steel pan that only has a copper core.

If you take the necessary care when cleaning and caring for it and don't shy away from the additional effort, you can generally rely on a long service life when buying a high-quality copper pan.

Advantages of copper pans

Compared to other materials, copper pans have a number of advantages that make them a good choice, especially for professional use.

Copper pans score points when cooking, among other things, with a particularly even distribution of heat. In addition, the material reacts comparatively quickly to changes in temperature. A copper pan heats up very quickly and cools down just as quickly, which of course can help to cook food to perfection.

Disadvantages of copper pans

Of course, copper pans not only have advantages, but also one or two disadvantages that should at least be kept in mind when buying.

One disadvantage that many amateur cooks should consider not buying a copper pan is definitely the relatively high price compared to an aluminum pan, for example.

Another disadvantage is the fact that copper is a rather sensitive metal. Copper pans are therefore not only high-maintenance, but also prone to scratches and deformation. In order to ensure a long service life, this fact should be taken into account when handling them in everyday life.

For which types of stoves are copper pans suitable?

In principle, copper pans can also be used on a normal stove with ordinary hotplates or a glass ceramic hob. In this case, however, they do not have a significant advantage over a normal pan, which is made of aluminum, for example.

In order for the advantages of the metal in terms of the rapid reaction to temperature changes to actually come into play, its use primarily only makes sense in stoves that allow the temperature to be adjusted quickly.

This is known to be the case with gas stoves. If the gas stove is switched on, the heat is there immediately. Turning it off, she's direct like away, while with a conventional cooker it always takes a while for the hotplate to cool down.

Are copper pans suitable for induction cookers?

With induction stoves, the heat is there just as quickly as with gas stoves. However, since copper is not magnetic, a pure copper pan cannot be used on an induction stove. However, there are pans made of copper that have a ferromagnetic layer. These can then also be used for cooking on an induction cooker.

Why copper pans have a coating

Copper reacts when it comes into contact with various foods. Acids in particular can prove problematic in this respect. For this reason, copper pans are usually thinly coated with a material that will not react with the food being cooked in the cookware.

Typically, the plating on a copper pan is either tin, ceramic, stainless steel, or silver. Silver is quite soft and not very strong, which is why it is rarely used as a pan coating. Ceramics, on the other hand, are used quite often in frying pans. However, ceramic has the disadvantage that the coating quickly loses its initial non-stick effect.

Some pans are also coated with tin. However, tin is also quite sensitive, wears out easily and also has a low melting point. Of course, these properties have a negative effect on the service life of the tin coating. Coatings made of steel, on the other hand, are particularly hard-wearing, easy to care for and durable. If you value a long service life, you should opt for a copper pan lined with stainless steel if possible.

Buy high-quality copper pans

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