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High-quality taps and matching accessories

Of course, no dispensing system should be without a tap. In our online shop you will find a large selection of different high-quality taps. In addition to simple piston taps, our range naturally also includes compensator taps as well as suitable accessories that you need to connect the tap to your dispensing system. We only stock high-quality products from well-known manufacturers, so you can be sure of first-class quality and a long service life for your tap.

What is a tap?

A tap is a shut-off valve that controls the flow of liquid from a dispensing system. The first taps were probably used over 2,000 years ago. Even though they were very different from today's taps, their function was basically the same. Modern taps are either so-called piston taps or special compensator taps, which also regulate the tap pressure. Which tap is the right one depends on the beverage and the type of dispensing system.

What distinguishes a high-quality tap?

To ensure a long service life, it is important that you use a tap that is as high-quality as possible and made of robust materials. It is therefore best to opt for taps made of brass or stainless steel. Taps with plastic parts inside can be scratched quite easily during regular cleaning and are therefore a poor choice, at least for tapping beer. This is because scratches on the inside quickly cause the beer to become increasingly foamy when it comes out of the tap. Apart from that, it is helpful for tapping beer if the tap of your choice has a foam button. With this, you can give the beer a perfect head of foam after tapping.

Quality also pays off when buying taps

When buying a tap, be aware that only a high-quality tap will give you good dispensing results. It therefore usually makes sense to invest a little more money in good quality and thus enjoy the tap for as long as possible and at the same time offer your guests a perfect beer experience. Regardless of this, you will find taps in different price ranges to choose from in our online shop. You can therefore decide for yourself how much money you want to invest in a tap for your dispensing system.

Different types of taps

A distinction is made primarily between simple piston taps and compensator taps. In addition, there are also hammer-in taps that can be hammered directly into the beer keg. Regardless of the exact type, the task of the tap is always to allow the beverage to flow out of the dispensing system without causing excessive foam to form.

The right tap for foam-free beer

To pour the beer into the glass, all you have to do is turn on the tap. However, tapping beer is not quite as simple as that. If the pressure is too high, only foam will come out of the tap instead of beer. To avoid this, the pressure must be reduced when tapping. There are various ways of doing this. Which of these is used ultimately also determines which tap is needed.

Drawing beer with a stilling coil and a piston tap

A stilling coil is a long pipe that has the shape of a spiral. When tapping, the beer is passed through the stilling coil. In the process, its pressure is slowly reduced so that it can ultimately flow out of the tap largely free of foam. The longer the calming coil, the more the pressure can be reduced. However, which length is the right one varies from tap to tap. Irrespective of this, a dispensing system with a stilling coil can be operated with a simple piston dispensing tap.

Drawing beer with a compensator tap

Instead of using a combination of a stilling coil and a piston tap, it is also possible to use a so-called compensator tap. This is a tap whose special design enables the pressure inside the tap to be lowered. In addition, compensator taps are equipped with a lever to regulate the flow rate, which ensures flexible adjustment to the respective pressure and thus perfect results when tapping the beer.

Which tap pressure with which tap?

The main difference between a compensator tap and a conventional piston tap is that the latter requires a significantly lower tap pressure of maximum 0.6 bar. If there is a higher pressure when the beer leaves the dispensing system, in many cases only foam will come out of the tap. In contrast, a compensator tap can also be used with a pressure of up to 1.4 bar without any problems. This is because, thanks to its special design, it can regulate the beer's tap pressure itself without the need for an additional calming coil.

When which tap is the right choice

In principle, good tapping results can be achieved with both a simple piston tap and a compensator tap. It is therefore not possible to make a general statement about which tap is ultimately the right choice. However, compensator taps are characterised in particular by their high flexibility and their space-saving format. In contrast to a conventional beer tap, they make the use of a calming snake unnecessary when tapping beer. They are therefore a very good alternative, among other things, for tapping directly from the keg and for beer tapping systems with a particularly short beer line.

Barrel stopcocks for tapping from the barrel

In addition to piston taps and compensator taps, there are also so-called keg stop taps, or hammer-in taps, which are hammered directly into a suitable beer keg with a ventilator without an intermediate tapping system. To prevent excessive dripping, such a tap is usually equipped with air holes. Apart from that, keg stopcocks are available in both plastic and metal. If you prefer this type of beer dispensing, which is considered to be particularly original, to serving beer with a proper dispensing system, you will of course find suitable taps for this in our shop.

Special taps for Guinness and other stout beers

When tapping stout beers like Guinness, there are some special features to consider. For example, unlike other beers, Guinness is tapped with a special mixture of nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Apart from that, a special tap is of course also required for the operation of a corresponding dispensing system. In combination with the special pressurised gas mixture, such a tap plays a decisive role in giving a Guinness its exceptionally creamy head. In addition to conventional piston taps and compensator taps, you can also find suitable taps in our online shop to perfectly tap stout beers such as Guinness.

Taps must be cleaned regularly

The issue of hygiene is of crucial importance in the catering industry and, of course, must not be neglected under any circumstances when operating a beer dispensing system. To ensure safe dispensing, it is therefore essential to clean the tap regularly. This not only prevents the proliferation of germs, but also the deterioration of the beer's taste. We recommend that you completely dismantle taps for cleaning, if possible, and use special cleaning agents and suitable cleaning brushes to actually remove all existing residues optimally. If necessary, you can also find the utensils you need to clean your tap in our shop, where you can order cleaning brushes or a bellows, for example, as well as cleaning adapters for your piston tap or your compensator tap.

Taps are not only used for beer tapping

Of course, taps are not only needed for dispensing beer. They are of course also required for serving other cold drinks such as water or lemonade. Just as with beer dispensing systems, the tap must be suitable for the corresponding dispensing system. When serving sugary lemonades, it is also important that the tap is made of sugar-resistant materials so that it is not damaged after a short time.

Large selection of high quality taps in our online shop.

In our online shop you will find a selection of high-quality taps in different designs. Choose, for example, between chrome-plated and gold-plated piston taps, the tap that suits your dispensing system. In addition, of course, compensator taps are also available in different versions in our range. Regardless of which tap you ultimately choose, you can rely on us for good quality and thus the longest possible service life.

Suitable accessories for your tap

In addition to taps, you will of course also find suitable accessories that you need to connect your tap to the dispensing system. These include, for example, spacer sleeves, seals and tap connectors. It is best to order the necessary accessories for your tap directly so that you can start dispensing foam-free beer without delay.

Our range of beer taps at a glance

We want to offer restaurateurs and beer lovers everything they need to tap beer. In addition to a large selection of dispensing systems, this naturally also includes everything to do with taps and their connection and maintenance. In our tap range you will find the following products, among others:
- Chrome-plated and gold-plated taps
- Stainless steel and plastic taps
- Piston taps and compensator taps
- Dispensing taps for Guinness
- Barrel stopcocks
- Gaskets and tap nozzles
- Tap wrenches
- Cleaning brushes and bellows

Buy beer taps online at low prices

Order the tap of your choice including accessories conveniently from our online shop and benefit not only from favourable prices, but also from reliable delivery and our excellent customer service. Whether you're looking for a standard tap or a more advanced system, we've got you covered. Our collection of beer taps and accessories is designed to meet all your needs, no matter what your budget or preferences may be. So why wait? Visit our Beer Tap category today and discover the perfect beer tap for your home bar or restaurant!