Cleaning adapter 28mm for piston and compensator tap

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Cleaning adapter  28mm for piston and compensator tap



- suitable for all common dispensing taps with a tap thread of 28mm

(see below for details)



Simply loosen the front part of the tap with our tap wrench (see below) and then

Put on the cleaning adapter!


For the cleaning of beer taps we recommend our beer line cleaning device and the appropriate cleaning sponges, as well as Bevi - Tabs! (see below)


Fits the following cocks from us:

Article ID: 82, 835, 71, 832, 830, 1068, 833


For cocks with the following SK numbers:

The SK number is on your tap!
tap thread: 28mm

SK 009.023 Ball valve
SK 009.024 Piston/compensator valve
SK 016.054 Plug valve with toothing
SK 016.077 Piston valve
SK 016.079 Compensator plug valve
SK 016.080 Compensator tap
SK 020.029 Piston valve
SK 020.032 Compensator tap
SK 083.035 Piston/compensator valve

SK 168.007 For Mod. Speedy X

SK 168.009 Wine tap

SK 168.012 For Mod V10

SK 168.013 For Mod V12

SK 196.002 piston/compensator valve after 1999
SK 196.003 Compensator tap
SK 265.014 Ball valve
SK 196.003 Piston / compensator valve

SK 301.001 Ball valve
SK 305.001 Piston/compensator valve




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