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Bevi - Power powder Chemical line cleaning


Bevi Power powder is a  alkaline  Cleaning and disinfecting agents for

 chemical or chemical-mechanical (with cleaning pads) Cleaning

of beverage lines.  

- 1 package is sufficient for 5 litres of cleaning solution

- The Bevi - Power powder is optimally suited for use in

our beer line cleaning machine.

- Advantage: a better dosage in the beer line cleaning device!


Note on use:

The powder is placed in the adapter of the cleaning device (one of the glass tubes on the sides)

filled. Run water into the system and wait until the powder has dissolved!

Now flush the system with the dissolved cleaning liquid! Let the

Do not let the cleaning liquid rest in the system for a longer period of time!

Then rinse the tap system with cleaning sponges and clean

Tap water through well!


Alkaline or acidic?

- alkaline detergents

- non-alcoholic beverages
- Beer for organic pollution
(hop resins, sugar, micro-organisms, proteins, etc.)

- acid detergents

beer in the case of inorganic pollution
           (beer stone)


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