Original Spülboy Twin-Go-T (glass washing machine)

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Original Flush Lubricator Twin-Go-T (Lubricator with glass)


Proven track record; with new technical sophistication. The robust 2-pot device
has as „Twin-GoT“ the current, flexible telescope tracking system from Neptune
T2000 received. So you can also wash all glasses including stem and foot, up to
to a depth of 24 cm.

• Optimal glass cleaning, no grease or lipstick residues
• Great water savings due to the pressure washer
(Water only flows when a glass is rinsed)
• Separate pre- and post rinsing in one counter basin
• fresh water rinsing through a two-stage telescopic valve
• protection of the glass decoration, as hot rinsing is not necessary
• Problem-free connection. The mounted 3/8" connector fits
onto the thread of the undermining valve
• Easy cleaning of the device: Büsten strip and bayonet
middle branches, as well as bumper rings and ring showers are light

Technical data:

Length: 37,5 cm
width: 18,5 cm
height: 32,5 cm
pot ø: 18 cm
Weight: 2,9 kg

General statement on the flushing lavatory:

To be able to enjoy a beer properly, a cleanly rinsed glass plays the decisive
Roll. Residues of other drinks, aggressive cleaning agents,
Rinse aids or even lipstick will unfailingly destroy the pure taste of beer.
A crystal clear rinsed glass is also for hygiene in the bar
and is certainly always a sign for the innkeeper.

The original rinsing agent guarantees you a perfect rinsing result.
All flushing lavatories; glass lavatories work only with water pressure and offer
a simple and fast handling. They are also extremely water and

The glasses are mechanically cleaned in a pre-purge pot with inner and outer brushes
cleaned. In a rinsing pot or with the open rinsing solution (depending on
model), each glass is sealed with the patented 2-step valve inside and outside
rinsed with fresh water
Water is only consumed when the rinse is activated and that;
in parallel with the rinsing of the glass, fresh water also runs into the
Preliminary oil pot and thus guarantees a constant fresh water supply.
All rinsing lboy®-glasses correspond to the drinks dispensing systems.
Regulation TRSK 400, para. 5.7.4 and require only one sink.
In the future, all devices will also be available with KTW and DVGW tested water connections.
the new drinking water ordinance of 1.1.2003
correspond to this.
All types of glass, including wheat beer glasses, are perfectly cleaned and the guest is able to
can enjoy his beer unflaggingly!

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