Homemade liqueur

Make your own homemade liqueur: we have the right accessories

Liqueurs have an incredibly wide variety of flavors to offer. There should therefore be a suitable homemade liqueur to buy for almost all preferences. Apart from that, it is even possible to make liqueurs yourself with relatively little effort. 

If you would like to try it, you will find various sets with practical utensils for the production of homemade liqueur in our shop.

Make your own homemade liqueur - the most important thing at a glance

  • Liqueurs are aromatic spirits that contain at least 100 grams of sugar per liter.
  • Most liqueurs contain between 15 and 35 percent alcohol by volume.
  • The selection of liqueurs is large and includes, among other things, herbal and fruit liqueurs as well as cream and egg liqueurs.
  • With the right ingredients and a little patience, liqueur can be easily made by yourself.
  • In addition to classic fruit liqueurs, exceptional liqueurs can also be made with a little creativity.
  • In our shop you will find practical sets, with the help of which you can prepare your homemade liqueur particularly easily.

What is homemade liqueur?

Liqueurs are spirits that have a particularly aromatic taste and also have a relatively high content of sugar. One liter of liqueur contains at least 100 grams of sugar. The alcohol content can vary quite significantly from variety to variety. As a rule, it ranges from 15 to 35 percent by volume. However, some liqueurs also contain significantly more or less alcohol.

Different types of homemade liqueurs

As different as the alcohol content can be, so diverse is the selection of different types of liqueurs. In addition to herbal liqueurs, there are, for example, cream liqueurs and egg liqueurs. Apart from that, fruit liqueurs are also very popular.

The great variety ensures that a suitable liqueur is available for almost every taste. If you still don't find what you're looking for or just want to try something new, you can alternatively make liqueur yourself.

The amount of work involved is less than you might think. So it's worth it to just try it once. Apart from that, a homemade liqueur is also a great gift with which you can give a friend or a family member a very special treat.

Making liqueur yourself: what ingredients are necessary?

Of course, if you would like to make your own liqueur, you need the right ingredients. For a classic fruit liqueur, you usually need half a kilo of fruit, 250 grams of sugar and 750 milliliters of alcohol.

When deciding on a particular type of fruit, you can be guided entirely by your personal taste. For example, use cherries, raspberries, pears or apples to make a fruit liqueur yourself.

Which alcohol is suitable for homemade liqueur?

A high-proof alcohol is of course one of the main ingredients of the homemade liqueur. Which type of alcohol is best suited depends, on the one hand, on one's own taste and, on the other hand, on the type of liqueur that is to be prepared. Rum, grain or vodka, among other things, are considered here. The better the type of alcohol suits your project, the more satisfied you will be with the result in the end.

Preparation of the ingredients for the homemade liqueur

In practice, the preparation of homemade liqueur turns out to be surprisingly simple. If you want to make a fruit liqueur, the first thing you have to do is prepare the fruit. Wash the fruits thoroughly and, if necessary, remove the peel and kernels. Larger fruits, such as apples, must also be cut small. If you use non-edible fruits, such as quinces, in the raw state, they must also be boiled before you can start the actual preparation of your homemade liqueur.

Prepare the liqueur and wait

Once the preparations are complete, it's time to start the liqueur. For this purpose, the alcohol, the sugar and the fruits are filled into a suitable vessel, which is then sealed as airtight as possible.

The vessel with the liqueur just set should be stored in a dark and cool place. All you need now is a little patience. Depending on the type of fruit you use, you can expect your liqueur to take between four and eight weeks.

Creative ideas for special liqueurs

Although most liqueurs are made from fruit, of course, you do not have to limit yourself to fruits when preparing your homemade liqueur. You are welcome to let your creativity run wild. The possibilities are extremely diverse. Even sweets or chocolates are quite suitable for making very special liqueurs yourself.

In addition, by the way, you can also use various spices to refine your homemade liqueur. Try, for example, gingerbread spice, with which you can add a Christmas touch to your liqueur, or vanilla, which is ideal for refining a strawberry liqueur.

So be open and creative when you make your own liqueurs yourself. You will be surprised what great creations you can succeed with a little experimentation.

How long does homemade liqueur last?

The shelf life of a homemade liqueur depends on several factors. If you have decided to prepare a simple fruit liqueur, you can usually expect that it will last for several months thanks to the alcohol it contains.

With cream or egg liqueurs, on the other hand, you can assume that they will only remain edible for between two and four weeks and should therefore be used up promptly.

Homemade schnapps for the homemade liqueur

In principle, of course, it is quite possible to burn the liquor you need for the liqueur yourself with a still. However, anyone who decides to take this route should inform themselves in advance about the applicable laws. Because private individuals are not allowed to burn their own schnapps in all countries.

In Germany, for example, distillers may not be used privately for the production of alcohol. If you want to make liqueur yourself, you have no choice but to grab a purchased schnapps.

Buy sets for homemade liqueur online

If you would like to make liqueur yourself and need the right tools for this purpose, you have come to the right place. In our shop you will find various sets with utensils to be able to make liqueur yourself.

Buy the set of your choice conveniently online and start making your first liqueur yourself soon. We are sure that you will enjoy it a lot and maybe even discover a new hobby for yourself.