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Kontak 300 Twin Power Green Line Green - Beer Dispenser

The Kontak 300 Twin Power Green Line Green Beer Dispenser is an excellent choice for those looking for a quality solution to serve beer at home or in commercial establishments. With its advanced technology, this equipment is able to maintain cold and cool beer for long periods of time, ensuring a unique experience for drink lovers.

  • The Kontak 300 Twin Power Green Line works with two paths, which allows the simultaneous use of two different types of beer.
  • The cooling system is highly efficient, ensuring the ideal beer temperature between 2 and 12 degrees Celsius.
  • The equipment has a retention valve to avoid air intake in the beer line, ensuring the integrity of the product and an authentic flavor.
  • The material used in the manufacture of the dispensation is made of high quality stainless steel, which increases the durability of the equipment and facilitates cleaning.

    This equipment is ideal for those who want a quality product for beer production and serve their friends. In addition, it is practical and easy to use and ensure the ideal temperature and authentic flavor of beer.

ATTENTION: Delivery without dispensing taps. Dispensing taps to be ordered separately - art. no. KOH01944

Technical data:

  • Compressor cooling capacity - 2 x 1/2 HP / 2 x 1488 W
  • Maximum dispensing capacity - 300 l/h
  • Power - 1150 W
  • Refrigerant - R290
  • Voltage - 220-240V / 50Hz
  • Dimensions (WxDxH) - 591x387x549 mm
  • Weight - 70 kg

FAQ About Kontak 300 Twin Power Green Line

Is the equipment easy to install?

Yes, the equipment is easy to install and comes with a detailed instruction manual. However, if you have no experience with the installation of cooling equipment, it is recommended that you hire a professional for the installation.

Can I use any type of beer on Kontak 300 Twin Power Green Line?

Yes, the Kontak 300 Twin Power Line is compatible with all types of beer, including craft beers. However, it is important to remember that it is necessary to clean the beer lines regularly to ensure product quality.

How do I clean the equipment?

It is important to clean the equipment regularly to ensure the quality of beer and extend the life of the product. You can do this using a neutral detergent and warm water. Be sure to rinse well to remove all detergent residues and allow the equipment to dry completely before using it again.

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