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Beer Machine - Soudek 50 3 Taps New Line Green

SEDEK 50 3 Taps New Line Green is the perfect equipment for cold drink service in bars, events and parties. With its capacity of 50 liters, it can maintain a wide variety of fresh and fresh drinks.

This drink dispenser has three taps, allowing different drinks to be served simultaneously. It also comes from the green line, which means it is highly efficient in ecological energy and energy saving. The structure is made of stainless steel, which is resistant and easy to clean.

The beer machine is equipped with a plastic tap, a safety valve and a quick CO2 coupling connection or a pneumatic pump.

Main Characteristics:

  • 50 liters capacity to maintain a wide variety of cold drinks
  • Three taps to serve different drinks simultaneously
  • Energy efficiency thanks to the green line
  • Resistant and easy to clean stainless steel structure
  • Safety valve and quick coupling connection

Technical specifications:

  • Compressor cooling capacity - 1/5 HP / 510 W
  • Maximum dispensing capacity - 50 l/h
  • Power - 322 W
  • Refrigerant - R290
  • Voltage - 220-240V / 50Hz
  • Dimensions (WxDxH) - 350x415x490 mm
  • Weight - 33 kg


What is the green line?

The green line is an ecological energy efficiency seal that indicates that the equipment is highly efficient in energy and energy saving.

How does the dry beer refrigerator refrigerate work installation work?

The beer machine is a cooling equipment that uses a high quality membrane to cool the drink in circulation by the system. Liquid flow is controlled through a tap, allowing the cold drink to be served immediately for consumption.

How do I adjust the dry refrigerator refrigerator temperature?

The beer machine has a temperature adjustment that can be easily made by the user through the viewfinder on the front panel of the equipment. The adjustable temperature range ranges from 2 to 10 degrees Celsius, which allows the drink to be cooled according to personal preference.

Is it easy to clean the dry beer refrigerator refrigerator?

Yes, it is very easy to clean the beer machine. The equipment has a tap that allows you to drain the water from the system. Just turn off the beer machine from the outlet and open the tap to drain the water. After that, just clean the equipment with mild soap and water and rinse with clean water before use again.

How often the dried beer refrigerator refrigerator has to be cleaned?

The beer machine should be cleaned regularly to ensure that the drink served is hygienic and safe for consumption. It is recommended that the equipment be cleaned after each use, following the cleaning instructions provided in the user manual.

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