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Safety during distillation: what to look out for?

14 May, 2023

More and more people are discovering distilling as a hobby for themselves. With your own still, you can do a lot. In addition to distilling schnapps, which is not allowed everywhere, you can also use a distillation device to produce essential oils yourself, for example. Regardless of this, it is very important to work carefully when distilling and to pay attention to safety.

The most important things to know about safety when distilling at a glance

  • A tidy workplace and concentrated work without distractions are very important when distilling.
  • The distillation unit should always be carefully checked for functionality before use.
  • A clean workplace and a pre-executed cleaning distillation are mandatory when distilling.
  • When distilling alcohol, it is necessary to take additional measures to prevent a fire.
  • A responsible behavior is required during the use of the still in order to avoid incidents.
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 Get familiar with the topic

There is a lot to consider when distilling. Therefore, it is advisable to read up on the topic beforehand. This way, you not only ensure optimal operational safety, but also the best possible success of your project.

Prepare your workspace

If you want to use your distillery, it is first important to prepare your workspace accordingly. Make sure that the device is securely in place and that you have enough space to work.

In addition, the work area should be well-lit so that you can keep an eye on everything. Especially if you plan to distill liquor, it is also important to ensure good ventilation. Otherwise, the (flammable) alcohol vapors can accumulate during distillation.

Maintain hygiene while distilling

Naturally, you should pay attention to hygiene when distilling. Therefore, not only keep your workspace neat, but also clean. In addition, before starting the actual distillation, you should always perform a so-called cleaning distillation.

When using copper stills, it is very important to clean and maintain them properly. This way, you contribute to a long service life.

Check the functionality of the still

Before you start distilling, you should check if your still is fully functional. The raw system of the distillation apparatus must not be clogged, as this would result in too much pressure.

Furthermore, you must of course make sure that the individual parts of the still are assembled correctly before you put the device into operation. However, do not clamp the helmet too tightly.

Additional Precautions When Distilling Schnapps

When distilling flammable substances, it is important to pay special attention to fire safety. Avoid smoking near the still and remove easily flammable objects from its immediate vicinity.

Capture the finished distillate completely and make sure not to spill anything. Also, make sure to have a fire extinguisher ready in case of emergency.

Work carefully and keep an eye on the still

Never leave the still unattended during operation. Stay close by and keep a good eye on the distillation equipment in order to intervene quickly if necessary.

DistilleryMake sure you use the correct amount of water for distilling. Also, pay attention to the temperature. Check it regularly and make sure the content in the distillation flask does not boil constantly.

Always behave responsibly when distilling

It is your responsibility to make sure nothing happens during distillation. Do not behave recklessly. While using a distillation apparatus is not the right time to drink alcohol or behave otherwise imprudently.

Keep children away from the still

It is probably self-explanatory that a distillation apparatus is not a toy. Therefore, do not let your children handle it alone. The risk of something happening is just too high.

If your children want to take a look at the still, they should do so from a safe distance.

Safety measures during distillation - our conclusion

As you can see, you should not neglect the topic of safety when handling a distillery. With the appropriate preparation and safety measures, you will ensure that nothing happens during the use of the distillation device and that you can pursue your hobby without incidents.

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