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The perfect pint: tips for tapping beer correctly

14 May, 2023

Learning how to tap a beer properly is important. With a little bit of practice, it is no problem to achieve a perfect foam crown. In the following, we will show you what to pay attention to.

Use the right beer glass

Good results when tapping a beer start with the beer glass. If possible, use a glass that matches the type of beer. For example, if you want to tap a Pilsner, you should choose a Pilsner glass.

The glass must be clean

In addition to choosing the right beer glass, its cleanliness is also very important. Rinse your beer glass with clear water before tapping. If the glass is contaminated, this can affect the taste and foam formation. Furthermore, germs can form.beer glasses

Ensure the right tapping pressure

Pressure is necessary to transport the beer from the keg to the glass. In most cases, this is generated using CO2. Both too high and too low tapping pressure can lead to problems during dispensing.

Therefore, it is important that you set the tapping pressure correctly on the pressure reducer. Its height depends on the so-called saturation pressure of the beer, the height difference to be overcome, and the length of the beer line.

Pay attention to the temperature of beer

Beer on tap is only tasty when it's cold. The right temperature depends on the exact type of beer. For example, for a pilsner, the beer temperature should be between 6 and 8 °C, while a lager should be enjoyed at a temperature of 5 to 7 °C.

The temperature can easily be adjusted on the beer dispenser to the desired level, so that the beer can flow perfectly tempered from the tap. Ideally, the beer keg should already be pre-cooled before tapping it.

Filling the beer into the beer glass

After all the preparations have been completed, it's time to fill the beer into the beer glass. Hold your glass under the dispenser tap and tilt it at a 45 ° angle.

Now the dispenser tap must be fully opened until the beer glass is about two-thirds full. The dispenser tap must not touch the glass or dip into the beer while pouring.

Slowly straighten the beer glass when it's nearly full. The beer should now flow from the dispenser tap into the center of the glass. This helps to create a nice foam crown on the freshly tapped beer.beer tower

Tapping beer correctly - our conclusion

As you can see, tapping beer is not too complicated. With a little preparation and practice, you too will soon impress your guests with perfectly tapped beer.

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