Saro Electric Griddle Plate, Professional electric griddle - Modell E7/KTE2BBR , tabletop

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Electric Griddle Plate, Professional electric griddle, Modell E7/KTE2BBR , tabletop - The perfect solution for efficiently cooking!

Eletrô Griddle Modell E7 Kte2BBR is an amazing hot electric plate that will help you cook foods easily and quickly. This griddleplate is perfect for any professional or gastronomic kitchen and is able to prepare a wide variety of foods such as fish, meat, vegetables and more. Made with high quality materials, this hot plate is durable, robust and easy to use.

Main features

  • built with high quality materials to ensure durability and long service life
  • Fast and easy heating with adjustable temperature control
  • Compact and portable size that makes it easy to use in different kitchen environments
  • Modern and elegant design that fits perfectly to any professional or gastronomic kitchen
  • Cooking surface large enough to cook multiple foods at the same time


1. How long does it take to warm the griddle modell E7 kte2bbr?

Eletrô Griddle Modell E7 Kte2BBR is equipped with an efficient heating system that allows the hot plate to warm quickly. The exact heating time depends on the selected temperature, but usually takes only a few minutes to reach the ideal temperature.

2. How do I clean the griddlemodell E7 kte2bbr?

To clean the griddle modell E7 Kte2BBR, thank the plate cool completely before starting cleaning. Use a soft detergent and a damp cloth to clean the plate surface. Never dive the plate in the water or use abrasive smears that can damage the plate surface.

3. Where can I use Eletro Griddle Modell E7 Kte2BBR?

Eletrô Griddle A Modell E7 Kte2BBR is a portable hot plate that can be used in any professional or gastronomic cooking environment. It is ideal for use in restaurants, snack bars, hotels, bistros, canteens, catering kitchens and more.

4. What types of foods can be cooked at Eletro Griddlemodell E7 Kte2BBR?

Eletro Griddle Modell E7 Kte2BBR can be used to cook a wide variety of foods, including fish, meats, vegetables, eggs, pancakes and more. Thanks to its adjustable temperature control, it is possible to cook different types of food with accuracy and efficiency.

In short, Eletro Griddlemodell E7 Kte2BBR is an excellent solution for efficiently and quickly cooking foods in any professional or gastronomic cooking environment. So, don't waste any more time and get yours right now!

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