Saro Gas griddle, Gas Griddle Plate- E7/KTG2BBR, tabletop

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Saro Gas griddle, Gas Griddle Plate- E7/KTG2BBR, tabletop

With E7-KTG2BBR Gas Griddle, you can enjoy a delicious home meal as if you were in a restaurant. This gas griddle is designed to be used on a table, which makes it a perfect accessory for your kitchen. Easy to use and clean, E7-KTG2BBR gas griddle offers exceptional cooking results.


  • Made with high quality materials and durability
  • Large cooking surface to grill foods for various people
  • Ergonomically designed control panel for easy handling
  • Powerful burners for uniform and fast cooking
  • Removable magazine to facilitate cleaning

Frequently asked questions

Gas Grid - E7 -KTG2BBR Table model is easy to clean?

yes, griddle is easy to clean thanks to its removable magazine and the high quality finish that prevents the adherence of food waste.

Gas Griddle burners - E7 -KTG2BBR table model are powerful?

Yes, burners are potent and provide uniform and fast cooking.

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