Beer Dispenser, AS-40, 2-lines- continuous cooler, wet cooler - Green Line

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Beer Dispenser, AS-40, 2-lines- continuous cooler, wet cooler - Green Line

    Output: 40 L/h at 10°C TD

    The modern and robust design guarantees long life and easy transport

    Ready for use in 8 - 10 min.

    2 cooling loops (each 8m long)

    Cooling technology is 45% more efficient

    Green Line - environmentally friendly


- with accompanying cooling

- 1/8 PS

- 230V, 50Hz, 292Watt

- Water tank: 11 litres

Dimensions: 440 x 270 x 395mm (WxHxD)

Weight: 18 Kg

Two-line under-counter unit with wet cooling

This tapping plant proves in perfection that even a wet cooler with two beer lines
can have compact dimensions. Because with a width of just 44 centimeters
and a height of 27 centimetres, the wet cooler - under-counter, UTWK - AS-40, 2-line - beer dispenser fits easily under any counter.
With the right dispensing taps from our assortment, you will have a
powerful dispensing system is available, which does not take up any space on the counter and
guarantees a reliable bar at any time.

Perfect tapping results from two lines

The AS-40 two-line beer dispenser is equipped with two cooling loops, each eight
meters. This allows you to have two different
to serve different types of beer and thus to satisfy the different preferences of your guests
will be.
The integrated water tank with a capacity of 14 litres ensures that the
wet cooler has a high cooling capacity and produces up to 40 litres of ice-cold beer per hour
can flow out of your faucets.

Don't let your guests wait for their cold beer

Despite wet cooling, the dispenser is ready for use after only eight to ten minutes. Thus
with the under-counter unit you are well equipped to work with the
to impress with perfect dispensing results.
Your guests will be delighted by the delicious taste and the perfect head of the freshly
tapped beer from this wet cooler - under-counter, UTWK - AS-40, 2-line beer dispenser will be enthusiastic.

We deliver the accessories together with

Buy the under-counter unit with wet cooling in our shop and order it for
accessories required for operation, such as matching beer hoses and taps. At
this way you can connect the tap wet cooler - under-counter, UTWK - AS-40, 2 lines in no time and you can
will soon be tapping your first beers.


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