Complete Set, Guinness beer dispenser, Lindr PYGMY 25, 1-line dry cooler, 35 liters/h - Beer case, flow cooler, Green Line

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Complete Set, Guinness beer dispenser, Lindr PYGMY 25, 1-line dry cooler, 35 liters/h - Beer case, flow cooler, Green Line


    Guinness Tap capacity: 35 l/h 

    Ready for use in 2-4 minutes

    Except forDry cooling tap 1-line for Guinness beer tapping

    Except forlight dry cooling tap made of stainless steel

    Cooling technology is 45% more efficient

Consists of:

  • PYGMY 25 1-line beer dispenserdry cooling unit made of stainless steel, 35 litres/h
    • light dry cooling tap made of stainless steel for tapping Guinness beer
    • Guinness Tap capacity: 35 l/h 
    • incl. stainless steel drip tray
    • incl. after-cooling compensator tap for Guinness
    • ready for operation in 2-4 minutes
    • Control range +2 to +10 degrees
    • Dry cooling tap 1-line for Guinness beer tapping
    • Technical values:
      • 267 Watt/ 230V/50Hz, 1.16A
    • measurements:
      • W/D/H 170x280x325 mm
    • Weight: 14,5 KG
    • Technical data:
      • connections: John Guest 3/8 inch
  • Pressure reducer 1-line N2 for Guinness beer dispenser 3bar
  • N2 nitrogen - bottle, 2,0 kg for tapping of Guinness beer
  • CO2 hose complete, 1.5 m
  • Guinness beer hose John Guest - 3/8" and 5/8" screw-on connector 2.00 m - completely finished!
  • Carbonic acid key "captive"
  • Guinness keg coupler
  • Tap Guinness stainless steel Stout, 5/8 35mm
  • Beer tap, your choice: without, flat, combo, basket, Köpi, 5 liter barrel adapter

Perfect beer enjoyment with your Guinness tap

Connoisseurs know that Guinness is a very special beer. This applies not only to the
incomparable taste of the Irish export hit, but also for the special
Dispensing technology required for tapping Guinness.
With a little practice and a suitable Guinness dispenserthat you are here...
but fortunately this is not a big problem. With our help.
you too will soon be able to tap into the perfect Guinness.

Guinness - Irish brewing art with tradition

Guinness is an Irish beer brand with a history of more than 250 years. The
Brewery was founded by the Irish brewer Arthur Guinness in 1759 in Dublin
was founded. There the beer was first brewed in the legendary brewery at St. James's Gate
In the meantime, however, Guinness breweries have long been established in numerous countries around the world. And
even if in the course of time various new products were added to the range, the
classic Guinness with its creamy head is still the first choice for connoisseurs.

No real Guinness without tap

If you would like to taste a Guinness, you can draw it directly from the barrel
or alternatively reach for Guinness from a can or a plastic bottle. The
perfect taste is still only available on tap.
Those who do not want to make any compromises when it comes to drinking beer, therefore, do not come to
around, for a fresh Guinness either visit a pub or get the right
...to get some gasoline.
This is also changed by the fact that Guinness cans with a so-called floating
widget are equipped with only little. A floating widget is a
Plastic ball which releases gases when the can is opened and thus ensures the formation of foam
In our opinion, however, such a canned beer can be tasty despite the fact that it is
a good-looking head of foam on the glass is far from being filled with a freshly tapped beer from
a Guinness Savings and Loan.

Tapping Guinness right

Tapping beer properly is a skill. This is especially true for Guinness. Because the Irish
Beer can be simply only with the suitable tapping plant and the correct technology its
full flavour.
Most draught beers are tapped with carbon dioxide (CO2). With Guinness comes
but nitrogen is used.

This special gas mixture not only ensures that the Guinness from the tap
gets its special taste. It is also responsible for the fact that
Guinness whitecap becomes particularly durable and creamy.
For a perfectly tapped pint, the Guinness is poured in two stages. First, the
Glass at the Guinness tap filled to 75 percent at an angle of 45 degrees. Then
it is turned off until the foam of the beer has settled. Only then will the rest of the
Glass filled.

Buy Guinness dispenser

If you want to serve your guests perfectly tapped Guinness in the future, you can
buy here the suitable Guinness dispenser. Don't you ever give up on the
incomparable taste of the Irish classic and tap your Guinness in the future, as
you'd be in a pub in Dublin.
Order your Guinness dispenser from us and get the high quality device
quickly and reliably to your desired address. We're sure you've heard of
taste of your beer and its wonderfully creamy head will be delighted.

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