Beer dispenser, Beer machine - Kontakt 70/K 2-beer cooler-stainless steel, 90 L/h, with membrane pump

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Beer Dispenser - Kontakt 70/K 2-beer cooler-stainless steel, 90 L/h, with membrane pump

    Light dry cooling tap made of stainless steel

    Tap capacity: 90 l/h 

    Ready for operation in 2-4 minutes

    Dry cooling tap system 2-pipe

    Cooling technology is 45% more efficient

- with diaphragm pump/compressor (no Co2 necessary for tapping!!!)

With the contact 70/K beer dispensing system you get a high-quality 2-pipe dry cooling device made of stainless steel that offers you an incredible dispensing capacity of 90 liters per hour.

Green Line: An environmentally friendly choice

Thanks to Green Line technology, the cooling technology is up to 45% more efficient than other dispensing systems. This environmentally friendly solution is an excellent choice for every beer lover who not only wants to enjoy excellently chilled beer, but also wants to do something good for the environment.

Lightweight, easy to install and ready to use in just a few minutes

This lightweight and easy-to-install dispenser is ready to use in just 2-4 minutes and allows you to enjoy the perfect coolness and pressure straight away.

Two lines and a membrane pump for ultimate beer pleasure

Thanks to its two lines and the built-in membrane pump, you no longer have to use additional carbon dioxide to tap your beer perfectly. Instead, the Kontakt 70/K beer dispenser offers a smooth and perfect texture and allows you to enjoy your perfectly chilled beer straight away.

A great choice for parties or home use

Whether you are hosting a large party or just want to enjoy a perfectly chilled beer at home - the contact 70/K beer dispenser is the ideal choice for every beer lover. With its elegant stainless steel design and incredible performance, this dispenser offers the perfect solution for any occasion.

The new model: More efficient, more environmentally friendly and more powerful

  • The new model is more powerful than ever and features a new compressor.
  • Thanks to the certified R290 cooling technology, the new dispenser is more environmentally friendly than ever before.
  • The new model complies with the EU regulation from 2021.
  • Thanks to the 15% higher performance, pouring beer is even easier and faster.

The perfect cooling system with stainless steel drip tray and after-cooling compensator taps

With its control range of +3 to +10 degrees and its first-class workmanship, the contact 70/K beer dispenser is the perfect choice for every beer lover who likes the perfect coolness and optimal pressure. Thanks to the stainless steel drip tray and the after-cooling compensator taps, you can safely and easily enjoy perfectly chilled beer.

Complete with all connections and accessories

Thanks to the complete delivery of the contact 70/K beer dispensing system with all the necessary connections and accessories, you can use it immediately and simply enjoy the perfectly chilled beer. Order now and finally enjoy the perfectly chilled beer!


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