Gas bottle, CO2 bottle - 0.5 kg, without bottle cage

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Gas Bottle, CO2 Bottle - 0.5 kg, without Bottle Cage

Get your hands on this durable and convenient CO2 bottle for your beer dispenser. With its sufficient supply, this 0.5 kg CO2 bottle is capable of delivering up to 150 liters of beer.

  • The bottle is grey in color and has a diameter of 7 cm with a height of 43 cm.
  • It comes filled with 99.995% food-grade carbon dioxide.
  • The CO2 bottle valves are standardized, making them compatible with all commercially available gas regulators.
  • The bottle has TUV acceptance and can last up to 10 years.
  • It does not come with an adjustable foot.


Q. Can I use this CO2 bottle with any beer dispenser?
A. Yes. The bottle has standardized CO2 bottle valves that fit all commercially available pressure reducers.
Q. How long will this CO2 bottle last before needing a refill?
A. The CO2 bottle can deliver up to 150 liters of beer. The refill frequency depends on how often and how much you dispense beer.
Q. Is the carbon dioxide in the CO2 bottle food-grade?
A. Yes. The CO2 bottle comes filled with 99.995% food-grade carbon dioxide.
Q. Does the CO2 bottle come with a bottle cage?
A. No. The CO2 bottle does not come with a bottle cage.

Get this reliable and efficient CO2 bottle for your beer dispenser today!

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