Tap correctly with the Dispenser

First, the dispensers must be set so that a quiet dispensing is possible. CO2 pressure / lines

Tapping process:

1. Take a clean, rinsed glass and hold it diagonally under the dispenser

2. Then you open the tap completely and fill the beer glass about 2/3, while slowly moving the glass into a vertical position. The foam edge is at the top of the glass.

3. Close the tap

4. Now let the tapped beer rest for a few seconds, the foam settles in time

5. Now put the glass back on at an angle and open the tap again. The beer runs into the glass on the edge and the glass is filled up to the edge.

6.Now the glass has a perfect glass head and is well filled.

Most compensator and piston taps are equipped with a so-called foam button. The foam crown can be designed a little by regulating it.

Please note: The tap outlet should not come into contact with the drink.

Tap error

Dry glass - strong foaming, blistering

Tap is not opened completely - heavy foaming

Tap pressure too low - no foam crown forms

Beer too warm - strong foaming