Keg coupler, Keg tap - type M, upper outlet (cellar tap)

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Keg coupler, Keg tap - type M, upper outlet (cellar tap)

Get the best out of your beer dispensing system by using our Keg Coupler, a reliable and durable keg closure designed for easy and smooth tapping. This product is made in Germany, and it comes with branded goods that guarantee quality and satisfaction.

Product Features

  • Beverage connection of 5/8 for seamless flow and serving of beer.
  • Discharge gas connection of 3/4" for efficient delivery of CO2 from the bottle to the keg.
  • Type M coupler for upper outlet tapping (cellar tap) or counter tapping.
  • Compatible with different brewery tap heads. Check our List for more information.
  • Heavy-duty construction for long-lasting use and durability.


What is the hose size compatible with this product?

The keg coupler has beverage and gas connections of 5/8" and 3/4", respectively, which are standard sizes that fit most hoses used in beer dispensing systems.

Do I need a CO2 bottle for this product?

Yes, you need a CO2 bottle to provide pressure to the keg and maintain its carbonation level. The discharge gas connection of this product is designed to work with standard CO2 bottle.

Can this product be used for counter tapping?

Yes, this product is suitable for both upper outlet tapping (cellar tap) and counter tapping. You only need to use the appropriate tap head for your brewery.

Is this product durable?

Yes, this keg coupler is made of high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting use and reliability. It is designed to withstand the rigors of a busy beer dispensing system.

For cellar tapping (upper beer outlet) or for counter tapping (article ID 442004, lateral beer outlet)

Which tap head for which brewery!!!
Take a look at our List!

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