Cleaning set for keg and dispenser - small - with 28mm cleaning adapter

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Cleaning set for keg and dispenser - small - with 28mm cleaning adapter


consisting of:

- 10 sponge balls for 7mm cable diameter

- 1 small tin of tap grease

- 1x cleaning adapter 28 mm for dispensing taps

 - 1x keg cleaning brush for combi- and flat fitting

- 1x tap wrench

- 1x metal - Gardena Connection for cleaning adapter

- 30g Bevi Powercleaning and disinfection concentrate



This cleaning set fits exclusively to the following articles:

- 5166
- 5052
- 71
- 72
- 835
- 832



Remove the tap extension (none swivel cocks)with the

tap wrench and unscrew the cleaning adapter.

Now screw the Gardena connection to the cleaning adapter.

Insert a cleaning sponge of the appropriate size

into the cleaning adapter. Connect a commercially available

hose with Gardena coupling. The beer hose must now be disconnected

Keg closure can be loosened and placed in a water bucket.

Turn on the water. The cleansing sponge cleans

the beer line and tap. It then falls into the water bucket.

Please repeat this procedure several times!


In addition, we recommend cleaning the line with our Bevi-Power

Powder. The powder is dissolved in water and is separated by means of a funnel

into the beer line. Please rinse several times with water!


This process is too complicated for you!? Then take a look

our big cleaning kits!

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