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Beer dispenser: elevating your beer experience

17 May, 2023

A home beer dispenser is a great investment for beer lovers. A good beer dispenser not only ensures freshly tapped beer, but also a special experience. In this blog post you will learn everything you need to know about beer dispensers and how you can make drinking beer at home an experience.

Why should you buy a beer dispenser?

There are many reasons why a beer dispenser is worth having at home. Here are some of the benefits that a beer dispenser offers:

beer dispenser

  • Fresh beer: With a beer dispenser you can enjoy your beer freshly tapped, just like in the pub or in the beer garden.   
  • Constant quality: A beer dispenser ensures consistent quality of the beer. You can be sure that the beer is always perfectly tapped.   
  • Cost savings: If you drink beer frequently, a beer dispenser can save you money in the long run. Instead of buying expensive bottles or cans of beer, you can simply get your beer freshly tapped from the dispenser.   
  • Special experience: A beer dispenser ensures a special experience when drinking beer. The freshly tapped beer tastes better and tapping the beer is an experience in itself. 

What types of beer dispensers are there?

There are different types of beer dispensers. Here are the most important ones at a glance:

  • Dispenser for 5 liter kegs: These dispensers are specially designed for 5 liters - Barrels designed and are great for parties or small celebrations.   
  • Professional Beer Pumps: If you are planning a large celebration or event, you should consider a professional beer pump. 

These dispensers are larger and more powerful than traditional beer dispensers and can dispense large amounts of beer in a short amount of time. But what is important when buying professional dispensing systems?

  • Size: Think about where you want to place the dispenser and which size is most suitable.   
  • Function: Find out how the dispensing system works and whether it meets your requirements.   
  • Cleaning: Make sure that the dispenser is easy to clean to ensure hygienic use.   
  • Accessories: Check which accessories are included in the scope of delivery, such as beer glasses or cleaning utensils.

beer dispenser

Of course, there are also some disadvantages with beer dispensers that you should consider before making a purchase decision. 

Here are some of the most common disadvantages:

  • Cost: Beer dispensers can be quite expensive, especially if they have built-in refrigeration. You should therefore make sure you have the money or are willing to spend it before you buy a beer dispenser.   
  • Space requirements: A beer dispenser requires space, both for the device itself and for the tap. So you should make sure you have enough space for it before you buy a beer dispenser.   
  • Cleaning: A beer dispenser must be cleaned regularly to function properly. This can be time consuming and also requires some skill.   
  • Maintenance: Beer dispensers can be prone to breakdowns that require regular maintenance. So you should make sure you're willing to take care of the maintenance before you buy a beer dispenser.

Despite these disadvantages, beer dispensers are a great way to make beer drinking an experience. If you're willing to put up with the expense, space, cleaning, and maintenance, you should definitely buy a beer dispenser.

Beer dispensers are also a great gift idea for beer lovers. So if you want to make someone special, you should consider a beer dispenser.