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Beer dispensers and beer towers: which one is right for your bar

11 May, 2023

Setting up a home bar is an exciting endeavor, but it can also be overwhelming with all the different options available. One of the most important decisions you'll have to make is how to serve your beer, and two popular options are beer dispensers and beer towers. Beer dispensers come in various forms such as kegerators, mini-fridges, and beer coolers. They offer convenience and customization, allowing you to serve your favorite brew on tap.

Beer towers, on the other hand, are an eye-catching way to dispense your beer, adding a unique element of style to your home bar.

In this article, we will explore the differences between beer dispensers and beer towers and help you determine which option is best for you. We'll discuss various factors to consider such as cost, space requirements, maintenance, and aesthetics. Whether you prefer a classic beer tap or are looking to impress your guests with an eye-catching beverage dispenser, we’ve got you covered. So let’s dive into the world of draught beer equipment and find the perfect match for your home bar setup.

What are beer dispensers and how do they work?beer dispenser

Beer dispensers are a must-have for any beer enthusiast looking to enjoy cold, fresh, and perfectly poured pints of their favorite brews from the comfort of their own home. But how do they work? Essentially, beer dispensers are machines that keep your beer cold and under pressure so that you can enjoy it on tap. There are several types of beer dispensers available, from mini-fridges to full-sized kegerators. 

If you are looking for the convenience of having cold beer on tap in your home, then a beer dispenser is definitely worth considering. However, keep in mind that they do require some maintenance and may take up a bit more space than other options.

Beer dispensers, also known as kegerators, mini-fridges, or beer coolers, are appliances designed to serve chilled, draft beer at home. They're perfect for those who love to host parties or enjoy a cold beer after a long day at work.

Beer dispensers work by pulling beer from a keg, cooling it down to a desired temperature, and serving it via a tap. One of the biggest benefits of beer dispensers is their convenience. With a beer dispenser at home, you don't need to worry about constantly buying and storing bottles or cans of beer. Instead, you can purchase kegs of your favourite beer, which often work out cheaper in the long run.

Beer dispensers can also be customized to fit your specific needs and space requirements. For example, if you have limited space in your home bar, a mini-fridge dispenser might be the perfect option.

There are various types of beer dispensers available, each with their own unique features and benefits:

  • Kegerators are the most popular type of beer dispenser. They're designed to hold full-sized kegs, making them ideal for larger gatherings. 
  • Mini-fridge dispensers, on the other hand, are smaller and more compact and are perfect for those with limited space. They can hold mini-kegs or growlers and can be easily moved around. 
  • Beer coolers are another option and are designed for outdoor use, making them ideal for backyard or patio parties.

Regardless of which type you choose, a beer dispenser is essentially a fridge or cooler that's been modified to hold a keg of beer, with a tap mounted on the top for dispensing. 

Some benefits of a beer dispenser include:

  • Convenient access to cold beer right from your home
  • The ability to customize your setup with a variety of keg sizes and types of beer
  • Economic benefits (buying beer in kegs is often cheaper than buying bottles or cans)
  • The ability to pour perfect pints every time, with a consistent head and temperature

When it comes to maintenance, beer dispensers require regular cleaning to keep them in good working condition. You'll need to clean the tap, hoses, and keg coupler on a regular basis to ensure that your beer stays fresh and doesn't develop any off-flavors. However, with proper maintenance, a beer dispenser can last for years.

In summary, beer dispensers are a convenient and customizable way to enjoy draft beer at home. With various types available, they can be tailored to fit your specific needs and space requirements.

By purchasing kegs of your favourite beer, you can save money in the long run and enjoy perfectly chilled beer whenever you want. If you're a beer enthusiast, a beer dispenser is a must-have addition to your home bar setup.

What are beer towers and how do they work?

Beer towers are a popular way to serve and dispense beer at home bars and commercial establishments. They are designed to be eye-catching and offer a unique way to pour and serve beer. Unlike traditional beer dispensers, which use a tap and keg setup, beer towers are standalone units that sit on a bar top or table.

Beer towers work by using a gravity-fed system to dispense beer. The beer is stored in a container at the top of the tower, which is connected to a series of hoses and taps that run down the length of the tower. When a tap is opened, the beer is allowed to flow down the hose and out of the tap, directly into the glass.

One of the key features of beer towers is their ability to keep beer cold. Most towers come with an integrated cooling system that chills the beer as it passes through the hoses, ensuring that it stays at the optimal temperature for drinking.

There are several different types of beer towers available on the market, including single-tower and double-tower setups. Single-tower units are designed for smaller bars or home use and typically have one tap and hose system. Double-tower units, on the other hand, are larger and can accommodate multiple kegs and tap systems, making them ideal for commercial establishments or larger home bars.

Overall, beer towers offer a unique and stylish way to serve and enjoy beer. Whether you're looking to add a fun and eye-catching element to your home bar or want to provide a memorable experience for your customers, beer towers are an excellent choice.

How to choose beer dispensers or beer towers

When it comes to deciding between a beer dispenser and a beer tower for your home bar, there are a few factors you should consider. Both options offer convenience and style, but which one is the best fit for you? Here are some key factors to keep in mind:

  • Cost: Beer dispensers can be more expensive than beer towers, but they also offer more features and customization options. On the other hand, beer towers can be a more affordable option if you're on a budget.
  • Space Requirements: Beer dispensers, such as kegerators and mini-fridges, take up more space than beer towers. If you have limited space in your home bar, a beer tower might be the better option.
  • Maintenance: Both beer dispensers and beer towers require regular maintenance to keep them clean and functioning properly. However, beer dispensers can be more complex and require more hands-on maintenance than beer towers.
  • Aesthetics: Beer towers offer a unique and eye-catching addition to any home bar, adding an element of style and visual interest. Beer dispensers, on the other hand, can be customized to fit seamlessly into your home bar décor.
  • Ultimately, the choice between a beer dispenser and a beer tower comes down to your personal preferences and priorities. Are you looking for a more customizable option with additional features, or are you on a budget and looking for a more affordable option? Do you have the space for a larger beer dispenser, or do you need something that takes up less room? Consider these factors when making your decision, and you'll be sure to find the perfect fit for your home bar. And if you're looking for some inspiration on how to set up your home bar, be sure to check out our selection of beer dispensers and beer towers, including the eye-catching beer tower, to find the perfect match for your home bar setup.  


Choosing between a beer dispenser and a beer tower ultimately comes down to your individual preferences and circumstances. Both offer their own unique benefits and drawbacks that must be carefully considered before making a decision. If you're looking for convenience and customization, a beer dispenser such as a kegerator, mini-fridge, or beer cooler might be the right choice for you. With the ability to serve your favorite brew on tap, you can impress your guests and enjoy perfectly chilled beer whenever you want. 

These options also offer easy maintenance and great space management, making them perfect for smaller home bars. On the other hand, if you want to add an element of style and sophistication to your home bar, a beer tower might be the way to go. With their eye-catching design and unique features, these drink dispensers can create a stunning visual centerpiece for your bar. They are available in different styles and configurations, such as single-tower and double-tower setups, offering great flexibility in terms of design choices. 

When considering the best option for your home bar, it is also important to take into account factors such as cost, space requirements, maintenance, and aesthetics.  By weighing the benefits and drawbacks of each option, considering your specific needs, and enjoying perfectly chilled beer at home, you can create the ultimate home bar – a place where you can unwind and enjoy a cold drink in the comfort of your own space. So, go ahead and pick the best option for your home bar and start pouring yourself a cold one!