Funnel, 11 cm

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Funnel, 11 cm

The funnel with a diameter of 11 cm is made of high-quality plastic and presents itself as an indispensable tool for the clean pouring of drinks and other liquids.

The innovative construction of the funnel allows the water below the funnel to drain through the overflow pipe, effectively avoiding annoying residues. This hygienic solution not only offers clean pouring but also numerous advantages:

  • Easy Application and Quick Cleaning: The plastic funnel is easy to handle and allows for time-saving cleaning, which is particularly invaluable in busy gastronomy businesses.
  • Prevention of Clogs and Unwanted Residues: The precise construction of the funnel prevents clogs, ensuring smooth operation and eliminating unwanted residues.
  • Time and Cost Savings through More Effective Cleaning: Using this funnel not only leads to faster cleaning but also helps minimize operating costs by using cleaning agents more efficiently.
  • Compatibility with Other Professional Gastronomy and Bar Products: The plastic funnel seamlessly integrates into your existing equipment and harmonizes perfectly with other professional gastronomy and bar products.

The funnel thus becomes an indispensable tool for every professional bartender and gastronomist. With its outstanding properties, it ensures not only clean pouring but also a hygienic working environment.

Additional Benefits in Detail:

Robust Material Selection: Made of high-quality plastic, this funnel is particularly durable and resistant to withstand the demands of demanding gastronomic environments.

Versatile Applications: The funnel is not only suitable for drinks but can also be extremely useful in the preparation of food or other liquids in the kitchen.

Optimal Size: With a diameter of 11 cm, the funnel offers the ideal size for precise and controlled handling to ensure clean pouring.

Easy to Store: Thanks to its compact size, the funnel can be easily stored, which is particularly advantageous in smaller kitchens or bars.

Hygienic Solution: The innovative construction of the funnel helps to ensure a hygienic working environment, which is of the utmost importance for gastronomers and bartenders.

Customer Reviews: Read the positive reviews from our customers highlighting the effectiveness and reliability of this funnel and see for yourself the quality of this indispensable tool.

Order Now: Invest in the cleanliness and efficiency of your gastronomy establishment. Order the funnel today and experience the benefits of this practical tool for clean pouring.

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