Stand Pipe for sink, stainless steel, 270 mm, long

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Stand Pipe for sink, stainless steel, 270 mm, long

Welcome to the world of kitchen innovations, where every detail matters! Our CNS sink standpipe, boasting an impressive length of 270 mm, is not just a simple accessory for your sink but a statement of durability and functionality.

Features That Impress:

  • Perfection in Durability: This standpipe is made of high-quality CNS material, ensuring long-term and robust performance. It is designed to withstand the daily demands of the kitchen and serve you faithfully for years to come.
  • Versatile Application: One end of the standpipe is precisely tailored to fit 1 1/2" sink waste outlets, while the other end is equipped with a 1 1/4" valve and a rubber cone, allowing for flexible adaptation to various waste outlets. This versatility ensures that the standpipe can be used in different kitchen scenarios and with different sink models.
  • Universal Fit: With an optimal length of 270 mm, this standpipe is perfectly suited for sinks with a depth of 300 mm. Whether you have a modern stainless steel sink or a classic ceramic sink, this standpipe seamlessly fits and provides a reliable solution for smooth drainage.

This standpipe embodies not only style but also substance. Its construction of sturdy CNS material makes it an indispensable element in any high-quality kitchen equipment. The precise execution enables seamless integration with 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" sink waste outlets, and the universal fit ensures that it easily fits into any sink with a depth of 300 mm.

With this standpipe, you are not just getting a simple accessory but an investment in the smooth functioning of your sink. It is the guarantee of enduring performance and unparalleled durability. Thanks to its high-quality materials and thoughtful construction, you can rely on your sink to always work optimally.

Seize the opportunity to equip your sink with this high-quality standpipe and experience how design and functionality go hand in hand to elevate your kitchen to a new level. Order today and discover the benefits of premium kitchen equipment!

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