Cleaning set for keg and dispenser - large - 1 line - 7mm - 30 mm Adapter

Item number 452290

Manufacturer: ich-zapfe

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Cleaning set for tapping plants - large


consisting of:


1x beer line cleaning device

complete with hoses and accessories

for line cleaning

execution brass nickel-plated with rubberized base plate

Including Unex - hose clamps


100 pieces of sponge balls for the following

Cable diameter available: 7 mm


1 tube of tap grease


1x cleaning adapter 30mm


1x Keg cleaning brush

For combination and flat fitting


1x tap key


1 x 10mm door oil incl. 5/8 inch screw connection


5x30g Bevi PowerCleaning and disinfection concentrate






Advantages of our professional cleaning sets:


  • contains all important components for professional pipe cleaning
  • easy to use
  • achieves best cleaning results
  • complicated work with funnel and bucket is no longer necessary

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